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Top ten websites (and services) that pay you to take surveys

Get Paid To Complete Surveys - BloggingTutorialDotNetOpinions, we all have them, be it about politics, the weather, or the things that we buy. However, as well as being mentally rewarding, voicing your opinions could also be financially rewarding. With online surveys, you can be paid to say what you think on certain brands/topics- either in cash or in vouchers. To make it a better news, it is something that can be done from home.

These are the top ten websites and services that will reward you for telling it like it is …

10- KidzEyes

Who better to give opinions on kids’ products than kids themselves?

That’s why C&R created KidzEyes, a survey platform exclusively for kids. Just for signing up, you get 500 KidzPoints, equivalent to $5. And for each survey, you can earn between $2 and $20 worth of KidzPoints.

If you’re worried about your kid’s safety, don’t be! KidzEyes is 100% compliant with the ‘Online Privacy Protection act’, and every kid must be registered by a parent.

As well as surveys, they also have games, polls, and the KidzCorner.

9- Scarborough Surveys

This Nielsen owned company prides itself on security- you don’t ever need to worry about your information getting out to anyone. As well as online surveys, you might be asked to fill out a TV diary, essentially, being rewarded for watching the TV. If you live in the famous New York, Florida, or Texas, it’s not impossible that you’ll be asked to attend a special interview, this is your best chance to voice your opinions beyond just ticking a few boxes.

Unfortunately, signing up isn’t too easy as it’s invite only.

8- Centre for The Decision Sciences

Originally made for researchers at the Columbia Business school to be able to discuss their findings with one another, this company typically pay about $16 an hour, that’s more than the minimum wage!

With each survey telling you how long it will take, and how many points it’ll be worth before you even start it, convenience, and not wasting your time are guaranteed. And with no pre-qualification questions, and no risk of being disqualified from a survey, it’s suitable for everyone.

As well as surveys, they also offer brainteasers and general quizzes.

7- Surveys On the Go

This one is probably the most convenient on the list. Why? Because it’s a mobile phone app, available on Google Play and the Apple App store.

Each survey pays about $1, we know that may not sound like a lot, but they take literally minutes. Once you’ve got $10, you’ll get a PayPal deposit.

6- Darwin’s Data

This one is different from the others on this list. Why? Because instead of being about products, it’s about legal disputes.

You’ll be shown a short video describing the dispute, after which you must then complete a one-hour survey (which you cannot pause). Once the one hour is up, you’ll get a $25 Tango Card.

Signing up requires you to request an invitation- you may or may not get it.

Because you are potentially affecting real-world legal cases, everything you say is anonymous and confidential.

5- Panel Polls

Panel Polls is aimed at kids, teenagers, and families. That’s why they have loads of partners including Microsoft, DreamWorks, and Kraft.

On top of surveys, you can also rate movies/tv shows/ games, in-home ethnography, in-person focus groups (for those in New York and LA), and plenty of other activities.

With most members getting between $10 to $15 a month, Panel Polls is certainly one to consider.

4- PaidViewpoint

The two main points about PaidViewpoint is that it’s available to non-US citizens, and you get rewarded for referring your friends.

Whatever your friends (who you have referred) earn, you’ll earn 20% of it!

Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes, so it’s not particularly time-consuming. Once you’ve reached $15, you’ll get a choice between PayPal, or Amazon or Walmart gift card.

With their email notifications, you won’t miss a chance to see an incoming surveys opportunity.

3- Tellwut

Never gonna disqualify you from any survey.

You’ll also be rewarded for creating polls and referring friends.

With each survey taking less than 30 seconds, and being worth between 5-15 points, it’s no surprise, that Tellwut has 450,000 members. If you’re one of them, you’ll be rewarded for creating an account, referring friends, and answering and even creating surveys. If you’re asked to do an external survey, you could earn a whopping 200 points.

2- Knowledge Panel

The focus of this GfK company is ‘demographic representation’. They want families, young people, working adults, and Hispanics. They even offer themselves in Spanish for the Hispanics to struggle with our language.

Each survey session takes 15 minutes and is worth $1- essentially $4 an hour.

What you do with your points depends on you. You will have an option to either use them to get vouchers and gift cards, or you could wait until you have $25 worth of points, and get a PayPal deposit, or, if you’re feeling lucky, you could enter one of the sweepstakes.

If you don’t have internet, they’ll provide you with it, free of charge. The only downside is that it is by invite only.

1- Pinecone Research

Another one by Nielsen.

Each survey is worth $3 for the US and Canada or £3 for our tea drinking friends.

What differentiates this one from the rest is that you don’t have to collect your points to get prizes, once you’ve got your money, they put it straight into your bank or PayPal for you to spend however you like.

Although they are by invite only, joining is as simple as clicking on a join link 😉

With plenty of websites desperate for your opinion, of which we’ve mention 10, there’s no reason why you can’t make your opinion known and help change the world (or at least future products) for the better!

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