How To Add Or Install Fonts on Windows XP

An effective tutorial on how to add or install a new fonts on Windows XP. You might be using an old and boring fonts on your Microsoft office and you know it’s time to get a new fonts. Make sure the fonts that you’ve downloaded is in .ttf or .otf format.

Go to “My Computer folder” from the Start Menu or any shortcuts if you have. Now, click on the “Local Disk (C:)” folder as on the screenshot below.

How to install fonts on Windows xp - click Locak Disk C

Next, you will see a few of installed files on your computer. You should choose the “WINDOWS” folder, it usually written in capital letters.

How to install fonts on Windows xp - Choose Windows Folder

After that, you will be represented with a variety of files. Just click on the “Fonts” folder twice to open it.

How to install fonts on Windows xp - Click Fonts Folder

You will see only the basics fonts you have here if you’ve never install a new fonts on Windows XP. Now, here comes the simple part of dragging and dropping or copy the fonts file to this folder. I am using the drag and drop option because the fonts is still in .zip files. You can just copy and paste the fonts inside the Fonts folder if you’ve unzipped the files.

How to install fonts on Windows xp - add the fonts to the fonts folder

A pop up telling you that the fonts is being install will appear or you will get a different notification of existing font if you’ve installed the same font before. Head over to your Microsoft Words or any other Words programs such as WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office) or OpenOffice, you will be able to use that font immediately by searching for it on the font type. That’s it! You’ve completed the guide on adding or installing a new fonts on Windows XP within less than an hour.


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