1 and 1 Hosting Review

1 and 1 Hosting Review1 and 1 is a well-known and popular hosting service that generally receives mixed reviews from people who have used them. This is for various reasons. In general, 1 and 1 offers all the features that other hosting companies offer. They even have plenty that other hosting companies don’t. But some people have had problems with reliability and sites being down. However, plenty of people hasn’t had many problems at all.

1 and 1 claims to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the world, but who knows if this is really true. They claim to have over 10.5 million customers, and they also claim to be handling over 11 million domain names. So if this is true, they are definitely one of the bigger hosting companies out there.

Some have had major problems with uptime. 1 and 1 makes no guarantees about their uptime which most other large companies do. They say its 99.9%, but no guarantees. Some people have actually had extreme issues where their sites were even down for days, and they struggled with getting help to fix their problems. This usually only happens to bigger websites though.

These bigger errors usually occur when your server is being switched. It is occasionally done with all companies, but you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. People on their most basic package usually don’t have all that many problems with them.

1 and 1 is generally not well-known for their customer service. Some people haven’t had any problems with it, but many customers have. It obviously isn’t good for any company to have bad customer service, especially if you are going to be trusting them with your website.

Simple issues can usually be solved, but its with more complex issues that things get complicated and confusing. Some people have had problems with people saying they fix problems, but nothing ever really getting done. Not everyone you talk to will be like this, but its not what you want.


1 and 1 does not exactly have the best reputation when it comes to billing. Some people have chosen PayPal as their chosen payment method, and have been asked for permission to have up to $200 deducted from their account monthly. Apparently this was an agreement if they went over data, but they were agreeing to not even be notified when it happened. A lot of these people simply chose the Basic Plan. A lot of the people called about this issue haven’t been able to provide a valid explanation for this happening either.

Unlike some other companies out there, 1 and 1 is known for trying to up-sell customers. Plenty of other companies do this as well, but some people have had rather extreme experiences with this particular company. Some people have even reportedly had people relentlessly try to have them pay $20 for a plan listed for $5.

There are three main plans offered by 1 and 1, and they are pretty fairly priced. You can use theme plans whether or not you use Linux or Windows. The three plans are called:

  • The Basic Plan
  • The Unlimited Plan
  • The Advanced Plan.

1 and 1 Hosting Plans Review

Obviously, the Advanced Plan is for people that require more storage and features than people on the Basic or Unlimited options. The Basic Plan usually costs $5.99 for 12 months, the Unlimited Plan $8.99 for 12 months, and the Advanced Plan is usually $14.99 when you sign up for 12 months. The prices of these plans vary depending on how long you sign up for. Quite often you can get the plans cheaper too.

The Basic Plan allows you to have 100 GB of space, one website, a free domain name, and a few other things. The Unlimited Plan and the Advanced Plan both let you have unlimited space and websites, a free domain, a mobile website builder tool, and access to a content delivery network. All three plans allow you access to over 140 apps. The Advanced Plan also has a few other features that the other plans don’t offer.

1 and 1 is one of the more popular web hosting companies. Their reputation used to be better than it is today. Many people haven’t been all too satisfied with their hosting, while some people have. They have plenty features, and many that won’t really be used. Their support isn’t the best, and their uptime isn’t always as good as it should be. But some people have liked them, so just be careful when considering 1 and 1 as your new hosting service.