12 Effective Ways to Make Your eBook Sell and Earn More

So you’ve come up with your own e-book but it does not exactly meet your expectations profit-wise. What should you do then? Should you just ditch your career as an ebook publisher? Probably… but not until you have tried the following tips and tricks on how to make your e-book sell and earn more.

12 Effective Ways to Make Your eBook Sell

Sell eBook More to Make Money

Tip #1: Aside from being ebook publishers, try joining the affiliate marketing bandwagon. Apart from making money from providing relevant content to your readers, you can also include affiliate links in your books and promote and sell niche-related products that you can get a commission from.

Tip #2: You can make more money from an e-book if you can offer monthly updates or come up with extra segments of your e-book based on your previous drafts or your never-released chapters. Of course, readers would need to pay a small fee to ‘subscribe’ to these additional offers.

Tip #3: To better promote your ebook, try to give away a free ebook – one that will give your target market a preview of your paid ebook. Ask others to give away your ebook too.

Tip #4: If you aren’t into the idea of creating another ebook and giving it away for free, you can just give potential customers a preview by showing some of the actual pages of your book – just blackout the essential information. Curiosity can turn leads into sales.

Tip #5: Attract more customers by releasing an irresistible, limited-time or limited-quantity offer. Perhaps you can add special freebies to your ebook and use ‘urgency’ factors to entice your target market to take action before the offer expires.

Tip #6: Make sure your ebook is divided into chapters. Give your readers the option of purchasing only the chapters they want. If they like what they get, they’d probably pay the price for the whole book.

Tip #7: You might want to serve your ebook in a package along with other ebooks you might have published, provided that they are on the same niche. If you only have one ebook of your own, you can purchase reprint rights of other ebooks.

Tip #8: Consider creating two versions of your ebook – a special version (high-priced) and a basic version (cheaper). The basic package may just include the ebook alone, while the special package comes with the book plus extra chapters, and some other freebies. Make sure you show benefits of each version side by side.

Tip #9: Make sure you convert your ebook into other forms enjoyable for non-bookworms. You can have it converted to an audiobook or to an audio-visual presentation, or even a webinar.

Tip #10: Make your ebook available for people who aren’t into the digital stuff yet. You can offer your book in print and hardcover.

Tip #11: If you feel like it, offer reprint rights to your ebook. However, keep in mind that it is advisable to sell the rights at a significantly higher price compared with the regular purchase.

Tip #12: Consider offering freebies that are related to the ebook you’re selling. Aside from free monthly ebook updates, newsletters, consultations, ezines, and webinars, you might want to entice your customers with coupons, samplers, discount cards, and the likes.

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