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5-get-paid-to-type-captcha-websites-make-money-onlineThere are so many ways to make money online and one of the way is to get paid to type captcha. You might have stumble upon captcha on a lot of websites since most people use it today to prevent spammers doing bad things to their website. So, it is an easy task that even a teenagers can do! Every few seconds, a captcha will appear and you need to type in whatever you see appeared. On some websites, they might give you an option to skip the captcha that you won’t be able to solve. Below is the top paying website to solve captcha.

Top 5 Websites That Pay You to Solve Captcha


2Captcha is free to join. Best of all, you can work from your Android phone or directly from your PC.  Rather than playing Facebook on your phone, why not solve some catpcha and earn money? You can download their software or go directly to their website from your browser. Be careful working with this site as they will suspend those with low reputation. Reputation is gained based on the correct captcha that you solved, the higher you get the better because they will give you easier captcha to solve that is “recaptcha only” mode. 2Captcha paid via Webmoney purse, Bitcoin wallet, Perfect money or Payza account once you hit the $1 threshold and they make payout once a day(weekdays only). People say you get what you deserve then please don’t expect this website to pay you high. Expect to earn less than a cent for one solved captcha. The rates varies and depends on various factors such as the amount of captcha and workers during that time. They also have an option to pause so that means you only turn it on when you are ready. Automatic rest mode detection will be turned on if there isn’t any activity on your end. Earn 10% with their referral program.

Solve Captcha For BitCoins

As the name of the website represent, this is where you can collect bitcoins from solving captcha. The payout is as low as $0.001 so you can get your first payment just by completing one or two captchas. Rates varies from $1 to $5 for 1000 solved captchas. They pay 75% for every referred members which is a lot more than 2Captcha.

Mega Typers

Registration is absolutely free and anyone can join Mega Typers as long as they have the invitation code. Withdrawal options is via Paypal, Western Union, Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve. Accumulated earnings can be withdrawn once you reach $3 for Paypal while Western Union option requires $100. You no longer need to wonder the number of wrong and right solved captcha with Mega Typers statistic features which are available under the “Stats” tab. Their rates is a bit similar to 2Captcha; $0.45 to $1.50 for every 1000 solved images. There will be an image that you can hardly read and you can skip it by choosing the “Don’t Know” button. Though, you are not encourage to use that button too often as it might get you banned. Try to figure out what is the images if possible.


In order to join to ProTypers, a unique invitation code is needed which are already included so you just click here. Payment is made using Paypal, Payze, Western Union, Bank checks, debit card and perfect money. For every 1000 typed captcha, you can expect payment rates from $0.45 to $1.50. Unfortunately, Protypers withdrawal min threshold is $100 via Western Union while others is only $3. It might take a year or two to get $100 but with a lot of effort you might reach it earlier but just stick with Paypal or other options provided(other than Western Union) because $3 is easier to achieve.


This website pay $1 for every 1000 solved captcha images. Though, they pay better for typers that got accurate results as they got the rating systems. Avoid any mistakes if possible or you account will be banned by them; 3 error limit for 1000 captcha entries, they did mention this on their FAQ page. With their positive feedback around the internet, you can feel safe to register on their website. Kolotibablo default pin code is 1234 for withdrawal request.

Conclusion, we think making money from solving captcha is not worth your time. It’s hard to get even 10 cent out of this type of task, unless you are someone who rather spend 24 hours just to get a 10 cents then it’s fine.

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