5 Surefire Ways to Have an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

If you want to promote any business, brand, or product, one of the many easy, effective, and fairly inexpensive ways to do so is through online video marketing.

What’s good about making videos and posting them online is that these promotional videos almost always stay online forever – and you can just upload them to YouTube and other video networks, free of charge. In addition, videos posted can easily go viral, thanks to social media sites that encourage sharing. If you use the right strategies, you’ll reach a lot of your target market and improve your site traffic and sales.

5 Surefire Ways to Have an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

5 Surefire Ways to Have an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

If you’re new to online video marketing, here are some tips and techniques to help you get started.

Pick Catchy and Keyword-Rich Video Titles
You need to make your video title count. Treat it like it’s the headline for the main news or your title for the blog post that goes on your site’s home page. Remember that good video titles can attract attention and if you use the right keywords in it, you’ll be able to optimize your video post and get attention from search engines too.

Transcribe your Videos
If you want to use the keywords in your video content for SEO purposes, transcribe your videos and add the transcription as the description of your videos. This is especially applicable if you will upload on YouTube. You can also repurpose the transcription and have it rewritten as an article that comes with your video on a press release.

Add your Citation and Website Link to the Video Description
In each of your videos, be sure to list your business name, address, & phone number in the exact format as it appears on your website, online business directories, and in other websites. You need to follow the standardized format so Google will consider the video as a form of backlink to your site.

In addition, make sure that you add the link of your business website to your video description. This way, potential customers can readily check what you have and what you can offer. Adding a link not to your homepage but to a relevant landing page on your site can also help convert your viewers into leads. For branding purposes, you should also consider adding your brand or business logo on the video content itself.

Do Basic Backlinking for your Video
Basic backlinking for your YouTube videos will yield impressive results as part of your website’s off-page optimization. Links to your videos will contribute to the overall online popularity of your business. You can start by submitting your video as part of your press release on PR sites. You can also share it on your social network accounts and on social bookmarking sites. You might also want to submit its link to online video directories and have it posted on forums and blogs.

Make Sure the Content Matters
There are two main reasons why most online users watch videos online – they either want to be entertained or they are on the lookout for more information. That being said, you need to provide useful and relevant video content if you want to have viewers. You can do how-to videos, FAQ videos, or expert interview videos and be sure to include a call-to-action.

Before making your videos, it’s best to do a quick research on what your target market is usually searching for online. This way, you can provide videos that will match their actual concerns and interests.

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