Add Google Maps To WordPress a Post or Page

Add Google Maps To WordPress a Post or Page - WordPress tutorialHow to add Google Maps to your post and pages? After this, you’ll know how to add Google Maps to your WordPress site manually and with the help of a WordPress plugin. If you have a physical location that you need to share with people, then these are great tactics to use. Specifically in this tutorial, We’ll show you how to add Google Maps manually and with a plugin. So let’s get started. Now for the manual way, you’ll want to go to Google maps and type the address you want to share. When that comes up, go down to the bottom right corner and click on the gear button. With that you’ll want to choose share and embed map, and you have two choices but lets choose embed map. From here we can choose between the size that we want and we can see that there are sizes that are changing every time we pick a different size. For us, we are going to choose the small one. Now, we need to grab the code, go back to our WordPress site where we have a new post waiting. We want to choose the text section in the post and paste the code there. We can click on the visual and we can see a square kinda thing that will become my map. We will hit the publish button now. This second method is adding a Google maps by using a plugin. The manual way is great if you just have one map to add to your whole site. But what if you are on a long trip and you want to add a map to every post you write? In that scenario, we’ll use a plugin called MapPress Easy Google Maps plugin.

After we install it, you’ll see a new area for Mappress. Click on that and here you can see some basic settings. You can choose to allow maps on posts, pages or both. You can also choose where to automatically display the map. For directions, you can choose to keep them inline (meaning on your blog) or you can choose to go on Google or none. Choosing inline is really good if you want to keep your visitors on your site. and below there are several other options. But, we are not going to go through them and we will just keep the default setting as is. So once we are happy with all of that, proceed to create a new post and if you scroll down a bit, you see that there is a section for Mappress and a button to create a new map.

We’d like to click on that new button, we can give it a title. From here we can choose the size At the POI, that’s the point of interest, that’s where we type in the location that we want to map to. We can add a title for the map like summer vacation and click save. Now we can hover over the link and choose insert into the post once we’ve saved it. Scroll back to the post and you will see that you have a shortcode on the post. Now, we just need to click publish and we can view the post and you will see a beautiful map on your site.

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