Adsterra Network Review and Guide with Payment Proof Earnings

Here is Adsterra network review with payment proof  and also guide to get started with Adsterra that you guys have been waiting for. Adsterra network has been established in 2013 with some interesting core values. They claim to provide good ads through their in house third party fraud detection system which allows them to detect any bad ads that contains common malware, etc. So far all the ads that has been displayed on our website is good, it’s not like asking user to download anti virus or such. Those of you who own download websites then you can register Adsterra account and start earning from your website. It’s interesting since they also accept website in other language, not just English.  This is certainly one of the best Google Adsense alternative but it may not perform as good as Adsense because nobody can’t deny Adsense is the best ads network. For any software or application that wanted to use API of this network can easily do that because the API key can be found on your account.

Adsterra Review with Payment Proof

Getting started with Adsterra

To get started, you use the Adsterra sign up form and submit your website that you want to put ads on to their approval team. Approval process will only takes 1 to 3 business days, we must admit it’s incredibly fast and easy. After your website got approve, you can start adding all types of ads format on your site. There is no limitation on how many ads you can use on one site and they accept even new website with low traffic(not under maintenance website though).

Adsterra ads format

Adsterra makes a variety of both desktop and mobile ads that you can place on your website and earn traffics for almost any devices. Choose from display banners (leader board, rectangle, skyscraper of 468×60, 728×90, 320×50 sizes), popunders, interstitials, direct links and video banners. What’s more important is you will be able to select to exclude campaigns with erotic ads, software ads. alert ads, ads with sound and gambling ads. But the more restricted ads being displayed on your website/blog, the lesser the CPM rates will be.

Adsterra Ads Format - Adsterra Network Review with Payment Proof

Adsterra payment terms

This trusted advertiser allows you to withdraw your earning to your Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, Webmoney account once it reach the minimum threshold of $100 or for WireTransfer you need to reach $1000. And these payment are made automatically once you hit the threshold amount. The payment duration depends on the date you hit your minimum threshold and are divided into two dates; 1st – 2nd, 16th – 17th. Let’s say you hit $100 on the 10th of January, then you will get payment on either 1st or 2nd February. If you hit $100 from 16th to end of the month date, then payment will made on 16th or 17th next month. Please note that if there is public holiday or weekends on those dates, payment will be bring forward to the next working day. You should also know they have NET15 hold policy.

We would suggest using either Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, Webmoney to get instant payment. WireTransfer will take 3-4 business days to be processed.

Adsterra Payment Proof Screenshot

We withdrew our payment to PayPal and here is the Adsterra payment proof screenshot.
Adsterra Network Review with Payment Earning Proof to PayPal Account Screenshot Image

Below is the earnings report  from our dashboard, we’ve received two payment but the first one is in 2016 so it’s a long time ago then we decided only to show you the latest payment via PayPal above. For privacy purposes, we hide some sensitive details.

Adsterra Network Review with Payment Proof From Adsterra Publisher Dashboard - Adsterra not a scam

Adsterra Support

A personal manager will be appointed for each publisher which are available on Skype and email address. Or, you can also open a support ticket right from your account. Just login and go to the “Support” tab and you will see all the support options. For support ticket, you can choose based on it’s status too.

Adsterra Referral Program

It’s an interesting referral program provided by Adsterra where you will receive 5% of the publisher revenue that you have referred to Adsterra forever or for a lifetime. That means as long as they made an earning then you will get a share of that earnings as well without doing anything. The sign up reports together helps you to check how many people have you referred. So, use the link below to join this network.

Click Here to Join Adsterra Network

Please leave your Adsterra network review if you’ve used this network before.

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