Arch Hosting Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews and Coupon Code

Arch Hosting special lifetime web hosting review was made to help you determine if this is the right hosting and if it’s worth it. If you search for “Arch Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews“, we are sure you have stumble upon most queries rather than a review on this hosting company. Arch Hosting was founded in 2015 where they have grown into a developer hosting provider. We decided to run a WHOIS search for Arch Hosting, and the domain is registered under a guy named Liam Smith and was registered on Namecheap. Today, we finally decided to buy this too good to be true lifetime hosting. We all wonder how long will this hosting will lasts and will it be able to host our website for… a lifetime? First of all, you need to read their terms and conditions to understand their web hosting rules so that you can stay with them forever. Since you are thinking of getting this deals or offers, we thought that you might want to stay with them forever so let’s avoid things that aren’t allowed and not getting kicked out. Renewing hosting every month and every years seem to be expensive for some people especially those undeveloped countries. If you take your business seriously, you won’t think twice about those thing because your business is your top priority. Without further ado, let’s dig in the features of this hosting and make a honest review about them.

Arch Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews

Arch Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews - Arch Hosting Coupon Codes

For the Arch Hosting Lifetime Plans, you will be given a unique code that you will need to enter to the right field. If the code is valid, you can advance to the next level. Interestingly, the free domain name offer that was included with the lifetime hosting is good for both new purchase and transfer. Transferring is easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can transfer any domain name, be it .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. Follow the transfer procedures and it will be transferred in no time. Once you have completed the sign up process, you will receive an email containing your login details.

Hosting Management

Arch Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews - Hosting Management cPanel Software Website Installer

Like any other web hosting, Arch hosting uses cPanel that we find user friendly and it is based on one dark template named as paper_lantern for now. Everyone who bought web hosting in the past might find it usual but for beginners, it will take a bit of time. Not to say because the cPanel is hard to understand but it is a new thing for beginner and they never use it so they might take some time to learn how to manage everything. In their cPanel, a lot of common automated software installer can be found including our old time favorite, Softaculous and WordPress. Others include Joomla and Drupal. Your Billing and Support can also be seen and edited from your cPanel, not forgetting email management too.


Arch Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews - SSL Certificates cpanel hosting - lets encrypt cloudflare

We are talking about SSL certificates that Arch hosting provides to all domain names that are hosted on their website or being just an addon on their cpanel. When we install our second website, they sent an email containing our website SSL certificates within less than 5 minutes. Apart from that, they also offer Cloudflare on their cPanel. Based on their homepage, they did mentioned that their free SSL certificates was provided by Let’s Encrypt. Ever since Google announce they favor websites with SSL certificates on them, everyone immediately install it on their website. Some believe it may increase their SEO ranking. This is definitely good news for all website and blog owners.


They have datacenters in Los Angeles and North Carolina, there’s a download speed test you can try on their About Us page. We have installed a readymade e-commerce website on our hosting with size of 100mb, uploading process was done via File Manager on the cPanel. It takes less than 3 hours to do so, this actually depends on your internet upload speed to. We are using 1mb internet speed so it was a bit slower than those who uploaded files using faster internet speed. Our website speed is average with D grade but it is faster than 56% of tested website, that according to Pingdom speed test tools. We tried using Google PageSpeed Insights but it couldn’t detect the speed of our website for some reason. When we tested this website on Pingdoms, we got C grade but of course we get that result since this website is not as heavy as the other website. The WordPress plugins and themes also plays an important roles to your website speed. All in all, we are satisfied with the speed. It didn’t go down when we do editing on that other website and there is no interference going on. To get a fair speed test result, it is best done on a newly installed website with default WordPress plugins and themes.


Arch Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews - Arch Hosting Support Ticket - Live Chat

This might be a disadvantage for Arch Hosting as they don’t provide live chat support. We all love that instant live chat support, don’t we? The only support option they provide is through ticketing. You submit an enquire through their ticketing system and they will get back to you as soon as possible. They claimed to be available for 24/7.


Arch Web Hosting Lifetime Plans Reviews - Arch Hosting PlansFinally, we got to talk about the pricing. It depends on the plans that you want to subscribe. As for us, we took the Business plan since that can hosts 4 domains, 10 GB SSD storage space, 1TB bandwidth, free SSL certificates, 10 mysql databases, 10 email accounts, 10 FTP accounts, automated daily backups including some other features. The best thing is the one year free domain offer included too but we didn’t buy a new domain but transferred one. We think the image above describe well what is being offered by Arch Hosting. It is highly recommended to get the Business or Enterprise web hosting if you have more than one website. The Startup web hosting is suitable if you have only one website and it’s not that heavy as you are going to get only 2GB of SS storage space.

Basically, there is two options for you to try this hosting. Either you want to pay monthly or one time. Click the button below according to your liking.

Arch Hosting Monthly Website Hosting

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Arch Hosting Lifetime Website Hosting

Final words is even though this offer says lifetime hosting, it might not be available within 30 years from now. If they did make it till 30 years, that’s pretty obvious they are serious in business but we don’t know what lies before us. We’d say, it is good enough if we can use this web hosting for up to 5 years from now. The longer the better. We can see they are making an effort to make their brand presentable on social media. They replied to all customers comments so that seems like a good sign. For now, we would recommend Arch Hosting lifetime or monthly web hosting.

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