Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

Why Bloggers Quit BloggingWhy bloggers just quit blogging?

We’ve come to this conclusion:

No doubt the number one reason for the vast majority of bloggers is that the blogger just doesn’t make money, or doesn’t make it as fast as he/she thought. We’d say 85% of bloggers would be agreed with that.

The rest of them, that 15%, will say that it’s just lack of time. Even lack of knowledge, although we do not agree with that, as nowadays you can easily find information about any topic or subject and just start from there.

The lack of time, though, is an issue that can’t be solved.

After been deeply thinking about this matter, and even based on my own experiences, the issue we consider the number one why bloggers quit is the lack of topics to blog about.

Why? Let’s see:

1) Post frequency:

By definition, a blog differs from a website because a blog is a two-way communication AND because a blog gets updated frequently, being a website something just static and not as dynamic as a blog. While all this sounds nice and is technically cool, and this is just my opinion, it creates the blogger some stress, thinking that a blog needs to be updated every day and even two times per day, making a blogger gets tired pretty soon.

2) Post frequency II:

Again, the post frequency becomes a matter here. Posting every day can make you run out of ideas really fast. After running your site for a few weeks you will no longer have any ideas to post about, nothing new nor even relevant.

Our tip… Just forget about post frequency. Does that means you should just post once per month? Not at all.

We would recommend you to just test various post frequencies, trying posting two times, three times per week…

Choose whatever suits you best, but stick to a post frequency that doesn’t stress you.

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