Blogging Tools Every Webmaster and Blogger Need

Blogging Tools For Bloggers and WebmastersA webmaster or a blogger need to have their blogging tools in various format. It’s the blogging tools that bloggers use the most because it definitely works in helping their blogging an easier task. Everything that we do in life will require a tool or a lot of tools to get things done faster and easier. The same goes to blogging. This time we are going to list down all our favorites blogging tools that you must try! Well, of course it’s either free or paid but if you really put it into use then it might help your blog/website upgrade in certain things. These tools is online based, software, etc.

Blogging Tools For Every Bloggers

Domain Name

NameCheap – This is our favorite registrar because they provide free WHOIS protection for the first year of domain name registration. The price is reasonable too. Best thing is they provide 24/7 live chat for support.

NameSilo – We actually just tested this registrar last year and we like this one too due to it’s straightforward selling price. Namesilo doesn’t have hidden fees, renewal upcharges, and service upsells. We want to highlight that NameSilo provide free WHOIS protection every year. Namecheap provide free WHOIS protection only for the first year then next year you need to pay for it(cost $2.88). Unfortunately, it is lacking one thing; live chat support. Unlike Namecheap, NameSilo provide support via their support form only.

Web Hosting

BlueHost – BlueHost was the first web hosting that we tested when we first started blogging. Live chat support is available, including support via contact form. It’s not that prices and downtime is almost zero. BlueHost hosting pricing start from $3.99, that will only support 1 domain name. Buy the more advance one if you have more than 1 domain name.

NameCheap – Yes! NameCheap again. We recommend their hosting too, the price is affordable for a starter. For the most basic hosting, pay only $9.88 per year. That hosting plan allows you to host 3 domains. It’s suitable for someone who are starting out and want to have their own hosting.

WordPress Themes

MyThemeShop – No matter what niche you pick, MyThemeShop always have the perfect theme for your website/blog. They covered almost all type of themes; business, ecommerce, blogging, etc. Price starts from $59 but our special MyThemeShop coupon code helps you to get xx% discount. Getting your hands on the membership plan where you to need to pay yearly get you a special access to all their themes and plugins. Remember, you may use all their products on unlimited sites. Yes! No more that annoying per license based themes. Click here to buy now.

SEO Purpose

Google Webmaster Tool – It’s on of Google useful products and probably the one that every blogger use. Purpose? Since 70% of people use Google search engine, then getting there is the first thing to aim. Using Google Webmaster Tool helps your website to get index on their search engine. You need to play with it to get to know it better. This valuable cost absolutely cost nothing.

Bing Webmaster Tool – This one helps you to get index on Bing search engine. Basically, it does the same thing as Google Webmaster Tool.

Google Submit URL – Some website requires a bit of time to get index by Google search engine, submit your website URL here if you want to get index faster.

Bing Submit URL – Get index faster on Bing search engine with this tool.

MOZ Open Site Explorer – To some people this tool is a must have, especially those who frequently buy expired domains because this helps them to check the domain name backlinks.

Ahrefs – Check backlinks and does keyword research with Ahrefs. A great tool to spy on your competitiors too so that you know how you can outrank them in a good way. A free trial is available for those who wants to try Ahrefs. The price is not that cheap but you will get what you paid for.

Google Keyword Planner – Again, a useful tools by Google. Great for starter who are just trying to get to know keyword research. This is free too and you may use it unlimited times. This one required an account so make sure to register. – A free online keywords research tools that not only give keywords research for search engine but also for Youtube, Images, Shopping and News. UberSuggest also claims that keywords they gathered are not found in Google Keyword Planner. – KeywordTool not only find keywords from Google but also from Bing, Youtube, Amazon and App Store. KeywordTool grab keywords from Google autocomplete which aren’t shown by some tools. Unfortunately, the free version of this tools only show you the keywords but not the total searches. Buy their Pros plan in order to see the number of searches.


PageSpeed Insights – Website speed is one of SEO thing because Google loves fast loading sites. Find out how fast your sites load with this online tools.

Gtmetrix – It does the same thing as the PageSpeedInsights. Coo thing is this tools allows you to compare speed of two sites.

Mobile Friendly Testing Tools – Most themes nowadays is mobile responsive but there are that are still not. This tools will test whether your website is mobile responsive or not. Not having a mobile responsive sites might makes you lose visitors since most people will leave a site if it is hard to use.

Do you like our blogging tools collection? Want to add more to our list? Drop us a comment and we will consider adding it here.

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