Check TM Streamyx Broadband Speed With TM SpeedOMeter

TMnet allows Streamyx and Business broadband subscribers to check internet speed with TM SpeedOMeter for free on their website. You can’t use this online tools if you use Unifi as they provided different page for Unifi speed checker. Before you get started, you should read the Do’s and Don’ts on the TM SpeedOMeter itself. If you are using proxy then please remove it as that might interfere with the speed test. Close all your browsers (except for the one that you open the TM Speedometer with) and software that use internet line as well. One thing that most people don’t know is that you can’t use WiFi to check your internet speed so you must use your LAN cable that are connected with the modem to your PC or laptop. Let’s first read the full info provided on SpeedOMeter below:

“This throughput test will transfer data between your computer and the selected server(s). Please do not use your connection while the test is in progress. The test may take a few moments. Your screen will refresh when the test is completed. Data will be sent to your computer through your internet connection to test the speed. Our speedometer also uploads the proxy data to our server as part of the speed measurement. This allows us to measure the upload and download speeds and provide absolute measurements of your Internet speed.” Source:

Check TMNet Streamyx Broadband Speed

Step 1 – Open your web browser and type or If you use the number URL, you will be redirected to the actual and longer IP address. Don’t want to type the URL manually? Just click here then.
How To Check TM Streamyx Broadband Speed With TM SpeedOMeter
Step 2 – Click the light blue button that says “Start Speed Test”. TM SpeedOMeter will start the speed test by uploading and downloading data. You will see note that says “Running download test” and “Running upload test” while they running their speed test process.
Step 3 – Now, your internet speed is displayed as below. You can also restart the speed test by clicking the “Restart Speed Test” button.
Check TM Streamyx Broadband Speed With TM SpeedOMeter

We heard Unifi is faster than Streamyx but in our area is not yet supported by Unifi so will have to wait until they do. If you haven’t subscribe to any internet broadband yet, we would recommend Unifi since a lot of Unifi users said it’s faster and better than Streamyx. Though, Streamyx is better than any other internet provider that we’ve tried so far. We are unable to show the Unifi speed test guide since we are using Streamyx but who knows if Unifi coverage available in our area and we might switch to Unifi in the future.

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