Choosing The Right Domain Name Tips

Choosing The Right Domain Name TipsPurchasing a domain name is the first step to build your online presence and is important as it will be a name that people will remember. Though, it is very important to have the right domain name that is brandable and keyword related and which ends with .com. Let’s put it this way for better understanding, a domain name is like a name of your shop while website hosting is your factory (where you keep all your supplies) and your website is your shop. There are two famous registrars on the internet which are the Namecheap and GoDaddy. You might be wondering why didn’t i list more registrar other than two that i recommended here. Well, the answer is simple: They are reliable, affordable and worth it. There are lots of registrars out there which some offered domains at a ridiculous price such $0.50, $0.99, etc. What you didn’t know is that they have lots of bad comments on the internet about their services. Before you buy anything on the internet, remember to search for “product name scam” on Google and you’ll see those bad comments (if any). Now, here’s the three recommended registrars link:


We’ve discussed about these registrars in our previous posts of our favorite blogging tools that you should have.

The domain name should be that of your website

This may seem obvious, but all the sites may not have the name of the corresponding field. Take the example of BloggingTutorial. If instead of choosing areas and (for English version) we opted for keeping BloggingTutorial as the name, the impact would have been less and we lose visitors, they does not remember our URL (it should be remembered that people are impatient and primarily want to quickly find what they need). In this case, when people think of our site, they naturally believe that the URL is the same as the name of our company and we easily found.

However, sometimes a domain name is not available. What if you can not get the domain name of your choice? If your brand is known and you have invested a lot of time developing this name, you can try to buy the domain name to its owner. Checking information “whois”, you can get in touch with that person and see if she wants to sell this domain.

If your business started on the web, the best solution is to first choose a good domain name and then call your company according to this choice. This may be putting the cart before the horse, but it is in our opinion the best way to proceed.

Generic or brand name

We know a number of people think that a good domain name must be a generic name like “” if you sell cars. But how will he pay for this generic name, if it is available? If you want to buy a car, you will probably already have some brands in mind, and you can find most likely sites like or rather than

For this reason, we personally think that the domain name must match the name of your brand because it is the first request that people will look for in their search engine. It will also be easier for them to remember your domain name. In addition, you can always include keywords in the URL root of your site (for example, “”).

The length of your domain name
Domain names can be any length up to 67 characters. The final word is, there are pros and cons for both solutions (a long or short domain).
Most people believe that shorter domain names are easier to remember, easier to type and far less susceptible to mistakes: for example, “” is easier to remember and less prone to typos than “”.
But others believe that a long domain name is generally more effective on human memory – for example, “” is a sequence of meaningless letters and hard to remember, as developed in its long form, “coffeeinvegas”, it retains more easily.

These arguments are all theoretical ways because you have to rub the practice. Indeed, it is increasingly difficult to get a short name that makes sense since the market for domain names is super-saturated. We have not checked, but we are sure names like “” and “” have been sold long ago. If you are lucky and manage to get a short domain name, the key is to ensure that your combination makes sense, and avoid names such as built “”

Long domain names including keywords have an advantage in that they appear higher in a number of search engines. These give priority to sites with specific keywords are also found in the domain. For example, if you have a site about tourism in France, “” will be a much better domain name than “” in terms of results by engines (SEO equal of course).

What domain name to choose? Personally, we always opt for the shorter name if it makes sense, but we are not averse to longer names. However, avoid areas extension. Besides the obvious problem of storing it implies a long name would make it difficult to create a logo or simply adding the name on the banner for your site.

The issue of hyphens

If you want a domain name with one or more feature (s) of union, there are some points to consider:

A first drawback is that it is easy to forget the hyphens when typing a URL in the address bar of your browser. So instead of typing “”, people might type “” and end up at your competitor.

On the other hand, when people verbally recommend your site to their friends, hyphens in your domain name might leads to more potential errors. The friend could end up on a competitor’s site or simply have the traditional 404 because the URL without hyphens does not exist.

The advantage of hyphens is that they allow search engines to distinguish keywords and therefore make your site more visible in search results.

In addition, you most probably find it easier to find available domain names by adding hyphens between keywords.

Personally, we prefer to avoid hyphenated names if we can, but in any case, it really depends on your domain and your industry. If you are curious about SEO, then you must know that Google nowadays does not give extra advantage to those dictionary domains that ends with .net or .org. Unless, if your website is so popular then having whatever extension doesn’t impact your site.

The use of plural or item

Very often, if you can not get the domain you want, buying domain name will suggest solutions by default. For example, if you want to buy “” and that name is not available, suggestions as you are doing, “”, “”, “”

The question is whether these combinations are good domain names?

If you decide on the form with the article, do not forget to promote your site with this article.

The use of the plural the same problem domain with a hyphen because it is very likely that people forget to type the “s” in seeking access to your site.

How to choose extension (com, net, fr, org, biz, info, etc.)?

One of the most common questions is how to choose when com extension is unavailable? The answer is not so simple.

If your website or business caters to a community, as a coffee delivery business, then it makes sense and good taste to get a specific domain (.Fr if you sell coffee in France, .de to Germany, etc.). The good news is, you can find tons of interesting extensions such as .coffee, .xyz, .business, .hotel, .lawyer and so on. Since it is still a new thing in this internet world, people will take a bit more time to remember that your domain name ends with those extensions.

If your website can benefit from an international audience, the answer becomes more complicated because there are different schools.

The first school set on the principle that it is better to have a domain name of your choice “mydomain” with a domain extension of net, org, info.

Others believe that beyond .com domain, there is no salvation. Their argument is that a .com domain will always be more popular than other extensions and a search engine almost always display the domain name “” before “” etc.. On the other hand, the .com extension being the most common, people naturally look to it. As an example, visiting oil company named Total, first you type “” before trying other extensions.

Therefore, if you choose another extension that (“” for example) the. Com, I highly recommend you to promote the area as a whole, and not just “car” as a person who would look site could be running into a 404 or worse, fall on the website of your competitor.

In conclusion, we would add that the inclusion of your business and the goal that you set on the web are very important to take into account and do not choose a domain name lightly parameters because it does not change every day. In case of change of URL, you will lose a significant number of visitors.

Now, go grab your favorite domains before someone snatch it. You know you wouldn’t get a chance to get it once it’s snatched unless you are willing to buy it from the owner (if you are lucky, the owner will sell it to you) otherwise just wait for it to get expired and if the owner is not interested to renew it or forgotten about it.

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