Combat Plagiarism or Copied Contents Effectively

Combat Plagiarism Effectively - Take Down Copied ContentsPlagiarism or copied contents is what Google hates the most. Our website complies to this as we know how Google is serious about online copyright infringement so we wrote our own unique articles with the help of Grammarly. Consequences of having a copied contents is not having organic traffic since you won’t rank better in the search engine. Imagine having ten websites with the same articles, which one would you rank higher? Not even one of them
because you would not know who publish that articles first. So, avoid copied contents at all costs. Whenever you see duplicated contents that are 100% similar to ours, that must be an irresponsible person trying to make money fast and lazy to write their own articles. Last month when we’ve checked our website on, a few articles has been taken or copied from our website. Not just the whole text but also the image on that article. Now, in this interesting topic of combatting plagiarism effectively is going to make you happy because it totally works. Here’s what we did.

Combat Plagiarism Effectively

Once we have noticed that the website took our articles and images, we decided to run a WHOIS search. The info of the domain owner was laying there because he did not use WHOIS privacy protection. We are not going to display the details here since we think people can repent and we don’t want to shame the website owner. This is a guide to overcome the problem and not to shame anyone.

After that, we Googled for the copied contents takedown notice and edited a bit. Then, we send it to the website owner to his personal email addresses on his WHOIS information and also the one we have found on his contact page. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a contact form on his page but only his email address to let his readers contact him for advertisement offer. Please note that you need to send email using your website email address. Ours is “”. So, he will see that a serious website owner is taking these copying thing seriously.

After three days, he did not respond to our email and he also did not remove the copied contents. This time, we contacted the website hoster. The web hosting that the website owner uses to host his site. We were very lucky because that web hosting reply to our inquiry within a few hours. Although, the web hosting company is unknown in the US or as not as popular as Namecheap. They at least have a good customer service so bravo to them. They replied to us that they had contacted the website owner to take down or remove the stolen contents. Failing to do so will cause the web hosting company suspend the website so it’s not really a worth thing to lose over a few copied contents. Maybe the website owner finally gets that and decided to take down all those articles within a day or two.

We hope we won’t find any articles or images stolen from our website again. Otherwise, we will have to go through all these processes again. If you are lazy to write contents then hire someone to do it. Getting back to the email that we sent to the web hosting, this sample DMCA Takedown Notice is the one we found on IPWatchDog website. Thank you for creating such an effective notice. We hope everyone will be a responsible blogger and if you want to make money, stealing is not the right way. Making money online is a slow process but if taken seriously will produce the passive income everyone has been dreaming about. So everyone, happy blogging and let’s write unique articles.

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