Effective Time Management with Pomodoro Technique

Time management is crucial in our lives to keep things in order or organize no matter what your occupation is. Even for a blogger, time management are needed to help them focus on their topic research and writing articles. It is a skill which not everyone able to master because it is so hard especially when you got a lot of plans in mind. Failed to do so will create a chaotic life and everything seems like a mess. Time management is best to learn while we are still young so that our mind get use to it and use this skill to manage their daily lives. If you have any children, you should try to let them learn this. Since time management is not an easy thing to learn, we need to teach ourselves ways to do it both hard and easy ways. Thanks to the technology nowadays, a lot of courses and softwares has been created to help us achieve this successfully. For offline method, you can find an offline class on this topic too or maybe some webinar.

Effective Time Management Tips

Effective Time Management with Pomodoro Technique Software and Apps - Free and paid pomodoro web apps

Earlier we said that technology has made this achieveable but don’t rely on that alone, you must also co-operate by strictly following the tips given by a course or software. One on the solution in time management is Pomodoro technique which a lot of us didn’t know exist. What is Pomodoro technique? Let’s try to understand the basic of Pomodoro technique first so that you know the history of it.

Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique was developed by a men named Francesco Cirillo back in 1980s and has widely spread it’s popularity until this modern days. Technology makes this method applicable to everyone since thousands of website and apps does have this function. Basically, this is a technique where a timer is being used to split work into intervals, commonly in 25 minutes of time and followed by a short break or rest time. The short break can be between 5 to 10 minutes so that the user does not get distracted fully by whatever they are doing during this short break. So, the intervals is called or named as pomodoro. The pomodoro word is plural in English of the Italian word and it means “tomato”, interestingly Francesco Cirillo used a kitchen timer that are shaped as tomato when he was a university student.

Remember that a 25 minutes of productivity is better than 2 hours of unfocused time. That 25 minutes full of dedication towards your work or task means better accomplishment and satisfaction can be feel when you get the job done. Google search result has recorded over 186,000 thousands of articles related to Pomodoro technique and this means you get a lot of choice to make to get started with this effective management technique. We are going to list down 10 Pomodoro apps for desktop, Android and iPhone apps.

Time Management with Pomodoro Technique

For a start, we are going to list down Pomodoro desktop apps or software. But these apps aren’t all free, we are going to mix with paid version as well. Let’s get started.

Window Blocker

This is our most recommended software when it comes to implementing Pomodoro technique in your life. Unlike other services or website, they only charge a one time fee of $27(one machine license) and $37(10 machine licenses), you will get to use the software forever and get free updates. With this software, it is more strict than other apps listed below. The main reason is because it has a feature to completely get rid of any distractions on your computer. You will be able to prevent any software or website that mostly distracts you, for example you can blacklist Facebook on this software so that you won’t be able to open Facebook while the pomodoro timer is running or an annoying sound will start to annoys you and the software will close the blacklisted website. And you will have the options to select which website, folder, or software to be use when doing the pomodoro technique. Let’s say you are writing an essay about marketing, you can then whitelist your web browser and Microsoft word on your setting. When you come back anytime to timer, these two softwares will run automatically. Apart from that, it have world clock, calender, punch clock, keyboard shortcuts, alarm clock, timers, and so much more. Please watch the video demo above for better explanation on features that Window Blocker have.


FocusBoosterApps is available for Windows, Mac and also Mobile user. With a monthly charge of $2.95, you will be able to set 200 pomodoro sessions in a month. The $4.99 professional plan allows you to have unlimited pomodoro session. For a starter, they also provide free plan where you can set up 20 pomodoro sessions in  month. When you subscribe for the yearly plan, you get more savings. Not to forget they also have 30 days trial so you might want to check this easy to use website.


Similar to FocusBoosterApp, Pomodoneapp enable you to use their software on Mac, Windows, smartphones and they also have a web app so you don’t need to install their software if you don’t want to. For Chrome users, you just get lucky because they also have a Google Chrome apps that you can download right away. If you are Trello, Todoist, Evernote, Wunderlist, Basecamp, Basecamp Classic, Asana, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker user, you can connect your account with Pomodoneapp too. Their membership pricing ranges from free account to €1, €1.5 and €3.5.


This web based software is completely free and they doesn’t require you to use sign up to use their software. With three options to choose from; Pomodoro timer, Custom Timer and Kitchen Timer. They also have a shareable URL timer which might be handy for sharing it with your friends and family.


A simple and free web based software that doesn’t require any sign up. So, you simply click the link and choose your timer. That’s it. There’s a pre-made times for waking up, tabata, brushing teeth and pomodoro. Don’t worry, they also have an options for you to set your own timer. The brushing teeth timer can be use by your kids too, that is to ensure we all brush our teeth according to the recommended time that is 2 minutes. Once the time reaches the limit, you will be notified with it’s short alarm sound.

Forest : Stay Focused

We discovered this beautiful Android and iPhone app from a video review on Youtube. It is different from other apps that we listed here as this apps uses different approach to help you stay focus doing your work. By the way, it’s free but if you want to plant a real tree on earth, you can upgrade your account. We feel that this apps have that sense of responsibility that it’s user have to bear. The user will plant a virtual seed in this apps and the plant goes bigger in time, that encourage user to focus even more so that their tree will grow big. If they failed to focus, the tree will wither away. To make things even more fun, they offer variety of tree species that you can unlock. An option to compete with your friends is also available. Forest apps also have the Google Chrome extension so you can blacklist website that distracts you. We hope they will also come up with more web browser extension in the future.

ClockWork Tomato

A free Android apps but also has some additional expansion pack you can buy from the in-app offer. A configurable timers, sounds, style, colors and up to 50 options is being offered. This Android apps have a clock, a timer and an activity log in a beautiful display. The expansion paid version pack consist of ability to switch between profiles, edit task lists using any text editor via Dropbox and more detailed and attracting colorful activity logs.

As we advised you earlier, all these software and apps are here to help us manage our time better and be more productive. But, the main important thing to make it happened is ourself. We got to have self control too and when combined with any of the apps or websites listed above, we will surely become more productive than ever.

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