Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on Opera Browser

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on Opera Browser - ChatOpera browser version 45.0 update was released today with amazing features; an options to add or use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on the sidebar of Opera Browser. Do update your Opera browser to enjoy this new feature updates. What do we need to use Whatsapp and FB messenger on Opera browser? Opera browser version 45.0 and your smartphone where you installed the Whatsapp on.

Whatsapp and FB Messenger on Opera browser

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on Opera Browser Announcement

First, update your browser if you haven’t done so. To check your Opera browser version, click the Opera logo at the top left-hand side and choose “About Opera”. Everything will be shown to you including some of your PC details.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on Opera BrowserNext, hover on the left-hand side of the Opera browser and click either the Whatsapp or Facebook logo. Depends on which one you want to set up first. Let’s try the WhatsApp first for this tutorial so click on Whatsapp logo. You will see a request to access your camera and microphone to get started, as of now it is impossible to deny this request or you won’t be able to use Whatsapp on Opera browser. So, let’s tick that and click the “Get Started” button. A new page of QR code will appear that requires you to scan it.

Get your smartphone ready with you by getting the latest WhatApp version 2.17.190, the version is at the time of writing this article. How to check Whatsapp version you ask? Go to your Whatsapp on your smartphone and under the “Chats” menu, here click the three dotted on the right. A few options will be displayed, click “Settings” then “Help” and lastly “App info”. There you go. Another way to know if there’s any update of Whatsapp on your phone is by going to Google Play Store and choose “My apps & games”, all your installed apps and games will be displayed there is there is an update. Find “Whatsapp” there and click “Update” is it is listed.

Let’s get back to the Opera browser, the last time we left it was when it asked you to scan the QR code on the Opera browser using the Whatsapp which are installed on your smartphone. Take your Whatsapp on your phone and choose “Whatsapp web” listed under the three dotted that are being shown on the upper right. Now, scan the QR code on your browser and be amazed that your Whatsapp is there. All the chats and contacts are loaded there, it is exactly like on your smartphone. We are so happy with this updates as we often time didn’t check our Whatsapp on our phone when we are busy with our laptop. We know that there is Whatsapp for desktop too, but we prefer to use it on Opera browser because it’s hassle free. Less than 5 minutes and we already set it up correctly.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp on Opera Browser SettingContinue with the Facebook set up, this is easy similar to the Whatsapp setting. Click the Facebook logo, make sure the box of request approval to access your camera and microphone are tick and hit that “Get started” button. This actually is ticked by default, but just in case yours are not then tick the box manually. If you have logged in to your Facebook account on Opera browser, you may continue with your account or you can also change to another account. You are done. Now, enjoy the ability to chat on both of your Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger right from Opera browser.

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