Free Website Hosting VS Paid Website Hosting

Free Website Hosting VS Paid Website Hosting - Why choose paid web hostingFree website hosting has been the main choice for a lot of people especially newbies because they either can’t afford to buy a paid hosting or they just don’t know the big difference between free and paid hosting. Free website hosting might be good for some people who are just testing the water, but it is not a good idea if you are building long terms business in the internet world. Long terms business here doesn’t mean big business with a real company but it simply means if you are taking things seriously and wanted it to last forever. For example, blogging or selling products. In this current economy situation, nothing is really free. There must be something in exchange. You have to know that these free web hosting provider is making money from advertising. Advertisers paid them to advertise on your website which the ads you can’t control. So, your website will be getting a bad reputation if the ads contain any virus or malware. Your visitor’s safety should also be a priority. In this topic today, we are going to talk about ten reasons why you should get a paid web hosting over a free one.

We listed support as the number one thing because it is the most important thing you should consider getting. We love live chat support over email since it is faster, you can get help anytime you want. Paid web hosting provider will always have the FAQ to help you get started in using their service, but you are just a click away from their one on one support. It’s really worry free in the support topic. You will be able to stay focus on your business.

No ads
A free web hosting provider makes money by putting an on your website that may be irrelevant to your niche which increases your bounce rates and decreases your traffic since your visitor will be pissed of seeing those ads. For example: your web hosting may be displaying love related ads even though your website is about health.

Faster and reliable
A paid web hosting are often faster and more reliable than the free one. People say that you get what you paid for. So, make sure every penny is worth it. Google like a website that loads faster and it has been said that it is part of SEO. The faster your website, the better it ranks on Google. According to some study, visitors will usually leave a website that loads more than seconds. People wants information fast, don’t make them wait for your website to load. The paid web hosting has lesser down time too so just in case it goes down, it won’t be that long.

Useful add-on
Most free web hosting doesn’t have the useful add-on you need to get started on their cPanel. As an example, WordPress might be unavailable. To make things even worst, the support team is unavailable to help you too. So, you are stuck and might end up giving up doing whatever you plan to do

The bad news that you don’t want to hear is getting shut down by your web hosting provider. They might not even mention the reason they did that because they don’t feel like there is a need to do so. It’s like you are not their responsibility. Some of them even update their terms of usage without your concern so you might be going against without you even knowing it. With paid hosting, you don’t need to be stress about this matter. Unless if you copied a copyrighted content (text, media, etc.) or if you exceeded your bandwidth limitation. Though, reputable web hosting provider will let you know about it before they do anything to your website. At least you got time to correct whatever is needed to prevent that from happening.

The conclusion is we suggest either you choose WordPress or Blogger since it is provided by well known and trusted provider. We had tried Blogger back when we first started blogging. It is a very pleasant experience with Blogger. We’ve switched to self-hosted WordPress since it is more flexible in a lot of terms. Now, it is up to you to make the decision for your own biz future.

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