Guest Posting Tips

Guest Posting TipsGuest posting: The art of writing such a high quality blog post that it’s worth to be published in one of the top’s blogger’s blog on that niche, and hopefully get a ton of targeted traffic thanks to the info about the author the blogger puts at the beginning or end of the blog post.

That sounds great isn’t it? We have targeted traffic and exposure in front of the audience… BUT! We need to take it all and get the most from that traffic, really.

In order to do that, we’ll show you some tips that we consider very important to get the most out of guest posts. Let’s see.

Tips to get the most out of our guest posts

As we said, sure that getting huge amounts of traffic from that blog post is great, but it can be even better if you know how to maximize the benefits.

1) Landing page: You may want to ask the blogger to link to a landing page (inside your blog) with something that you’re giving away for free (like an eBook) using a service like Aweber, so you can give your mailing list (which you should have) a boost.

This way, you will have a decent amount of new subscribers that:

– Are potential customers, which may buy one of your future products. A great source to promote anything you want

– Are / will be daily readers, if you also send email newsletters with your best posts or even exclusive content.

2) Preparing your blog: Please don’t get us wrong on this one. You should ALWAYS write quality content, useful articles… But you should prepare your blog for the huge amount of new targeted readers coming. How?

Before having your guest post published, write even more high-class posts so that when a user clicks on “old entries” (which will probably happen), he/she immediately read another high-quality post.

As we all know, the first impressions are very important, so focus on that one.

3) Design, design, design: BE CAREFUL! Before sending your guest post check your website on every browser to make sure everything’s working, else it will cause a huge damage on your readers, a damage that will be really hard to repair.

To check your blog design on every browser and doing it fast and safe, you can use this tool on this website, we really recommend its use

4) PPC Profit: PPC (or Paid per Click) can be really useful here too. You can (if you haven’t yet) put some ads there, like Google Adsense, and increase the profit.

The bad side of it? Google can take it as a click boom and have some problems with it, but really, chances are really low. The best necessary thing to do is to check for any notification sent by Google team to prevent any bad thing happen to your account.

Apart from that, make sure you don’t flood your blog with ads, else, bad impression and irreparable damage again. The things to put in mind is you are writing to help others, and it will come out as a good result later on.

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