Histats Review – How To Use Histats

Histats is a traffic tracking web services that are free to use and it works like Google Analytics. Histats required you to register on their website before you can use their services. You can use their traffic tracking services for unlimited websites. The bes thing about Histats is we are able to view our website visitors in real time. So many great features available here that you don’t want to miss out and you’d wish you knew earlier. We are going to give you a walkthrough of Histats so that you can see how it works. To some people, Histats might be confusing so we hope you will be able to gain something here.

How to Use Histats

Histats Review - How To Use HistatsFirst of, you need to register on Histats. Secondly, go to your dashboard(if you aren’t) and click the “Add New Website” text. This will bring you to the “Create new website/blog” option where you will need to fill out several fields such as site URL, language, category, country, timezone, title, description, and site visibility. “Site visibility” is truly an important part because you might not want to set it to public if you doesn’t want anyone to view the traffic data of your website. Some people let the public see these data because they wanted to sell their website so those information might be useful for potential buyer. Go ahead and make it private if you just want to see it and not your competitors. Don’t forget to answer the captcha and hit the “continue” button.

Let’s move on to the next step that is the counter setup. Click the “counter code” now, here you won’t see any counter yet since this is the first time you set it up. Choose “add new counter” and now is the trick to use in order to have that transparent counter on your website. Pick the “Hidden Tracker” tab, an image that also written “hidden tracker” are displayed so just click that. Do not click anything or do not choose any color. See the “save” button? Click that and you are done.

Now, you will see “counter ID” provided under that domain. Click that and grab the codes provided which is available in both standard and no javascript codes, so paste it on your website. For WordPress user, you can install the codes easily as there are a lot of plugins to help you do that. For some WordPress themes, they also provide a field for you to enter your Histats code so it’s just a matter of copy and pasting. Those who can read HTML script is the luckies since you know just where to put the codes without messing up anything. We recommend you to hire someone expert in coding if you are not sure how to do it right. Make sure to make a website backup before you do anything. Enjoy using Histats!

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