History Search Review and Discounts Offer

History Search review and discounts which is being offered on Appsumo(We love AppSumo so much!) at a lifetime discount. Have you ever goes back to your web browser history to look for something you’ve read in the past few days or even months? or going back to your memory trying to find the keywords you could find in that article or website? We all did that and you know how much we hate that. It’s time consuming and it doesn’t work sometimes. Here is why History Search is a must have tool. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Getting Started with History Search from Martijn Verbove on Vimeo.

History Search Review

History Search Overview

We bought this deal and plays with it today, it is an amazing tool and easy to understand. So, what does it do?

  • Available as an addon for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • Search through past articles, documents, emails, and other web pages seamlessly by keyword and date range
  • Sync your favorites and history across browsers and devices
  • Pause History Search and blacklist or ignore specific websites from automatic indexing
  • Best for: Quickly finding previously visited sites, improving productivity, and relieving frustration
  • Coming soon: available on both Android and iPhone

History Search Discount Offer

The month of March is a blessing month where Appsumo offer this as a lifetime deal. If you missed this offer, you can just buy the monthly subscription from their official website starting from $3.50 per month.


History Search lifetime deal on Appsumo with 78% off, making it a one time fee offer of only $39.00.

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History Search Free Version


This is where you can register for a free account or upgrade for $4 per month.

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Doesn't expire

There’s a free version that will track 3000 of your most recently visited pages. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t use the Internet quite often.

The developer of History Search, Martijn Verbove is currently accepting suggestion to improve their service and have made a roadmap for that. See here: History Search Roadmap. A user can suggest and vote features they wanted to see on this service there. We have faith in this product since it already won Life Hack of 2018 Award from Product Hunt. Apart from that, it is also reviewed on Cnet.com. With History Search, you no longer need to dig up your web browser history and it saves your time a lot.

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