How To Choose a Profitable Niche

How To Choose A Profitable NicheChoosing a profitable niche is a vital step before you dive deeper into this blogging world and is the most important step when it comes to blogging, apart from choosing the domain name. But a niche you’re passionate about doesn’t mean it’s a good niche. So today we’ll give you some tips to choose good niches. So let’s start.

What’s a good niche?

This is a relative question with a relative answer.

Because of that, we’ve decided to make a little list about what a good niche should have in order to consider it as a profitable niche.

A niche that sells: A good niche is also a niche which allows you to sell related products. Let’s say you have a technology blog (one of the most sellable niches out there). You can post tons of reviews about tons of products and make money blogging using affiliate marketing. As an example, today you decide to review a Mac. You share your experiences and set up a good and objective review. Within the post, you can include Amazon Mac ads that go straight to your affiliate link. Chances are that, if you made a good review, people would want to buy it, so you’ll take a piece of cake. Got the point? That’s a sellable niche.

Hot niche: Hot topics are great, because they will give your readers the possibility to interact more than ever. Apart from that, you’ll get a lot of traffic, as everybody’s looking for the latest. But be careful, you shouldn’t choose a niche, even if you don’t like it too much, just because it’s a hot one, as chances are you’ll stop blogging even before you can start to make money blogging. It’s also a tricky one, as probably you’ll have a lot of competition to fight against, and it would be harder to get organic traffic from Search Engines.

Helpful / Informative niches: A niche that helps others guarantees you a decent audience. A good example of this kind of niches is the diet / fitness niches. Everyone looks for blogs / sites claiming they have the solution to easy lose weight. They help others to have the body they dream of. Another good example is the niche that shows people how to make money. Who doesn’t want money? Besides, you’ll have more chances to get a loyal audience that will stick with you, waiting to see your next post.

– You obviously need a niche you’re passionate about if you ever want to succeed and make money blogging. You can check yesterday’s post to get more info about that.

Low competition: Profitable niches are also the ones that haven’t got too much competition. You should use a low competitive keyword that brings you the most traffic possible.

– Dying niche? There are niches out there dying. If you choose it, it doesn’t matter whether you like it or are good at. You won’t succeed.

The last two points are easily achievable using two free tools.
– Low competition: You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check for low competitive and high traffic keywords.

– Avoiding dead niches is easy using another Google free tool. We are talking about Google Insights for Search. This tool is as simple as effective. You’ll only need to type the niche you want to analyze, and you’ll automatically get a graphic where you will be able to see whether the niche is increasing or dying plus a forecast.

As an example, here are two niches, one who is climbing and one that’s dying.

Look how people have been loosing interest in technology and how it has increased for the blogging topic.

We hope you can now pick up your profitable niche and start blogging. Remember that this is a very important step in order to succeed on your blogging journey. Choosing the wrong niche will make you lose both time and money, so be careful, be patient and be smart. Good luck.

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