How To Choose Your Niche

How To Choose Your NicheTime for some blogging tips for beginners. As you know, if you want to make money blogging you can’t ignore any blogging / writing / SEO tip. Today, we’d like to talk about niches. What are they and how to choose good niches.

Let’s start by defining the term “niche“

What’s a niche
A niche is, quickly said, the topic chosen to blog / write about on a particular blog / website. It’s like a sub market of a specifically market. Let’s say you choose a topic about making money. You can make money online; make money blogging, making money selling affiliate products, with email marketing… They’re all niches. Some are bigger and more profitable, other less. As an example, every blog that talks about ways to make money blogging will be a blog within my niche.

How to choose your niche?
Now that we know what a niche is, let us give you some to choose your niche. Be careful, as now we’re talking about a niche you enjoy developing, not about a profitable niche. So, how to know which niche you can take?

– Make a party or get on a room with friends and start talking. Do it naturally. When you guys start talking about a topic on which you can’t stop talking about, that’s your topic.
You’ll mostly know it because your friends will ask you to please talk about something new, but you still have tons of points to talk about. That’s your topic.

– What do you like to do on your free time? Programming? Testing software? Sports? Gaming? Chose whatever you like to do for free and transform it on your niche.

– Are you knowledgeable about a specific subject? Specially knowledgeable? That’s your topic. Remember that, even a vast percentage of success formula is all about passion, you’ll still need a bit of knowledge about the niche you choose. More than the knowledge we’d even say experience. You need knowledge and experience to teach others, to show them the right way.

– What are you willing to learn about? You can’t say you know everything about a particular topic. Never. So, you need to be curious about the topic you choose. That’s part of the niche – developing task. The day you lose curiosity about what you’re blogging about, your blog will be dead. As an example, we’ve several blogs to test new things about SEO, new sources to make money blogging, design… We are eagerly ready to try new things and learn from them, but especially, curious about the result.

– Which topic are you willing to blog about even if nobody reads your blog for months? Because that’s how this business works! Unless you choose a very very low competitive niche, you can spend months to get your reputation set and start getting a decent amount of solid traffic. You can wait even more if we’re talking about organic traffic from search engines. So, are you ready to blog about a topic, holding up there for days and weeks while nobody read it and have patience? That’s your topic.

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