How To Evaluate A Domain Name Value

There’s a lot of websites that will help you to evaluate domain name value or give estimated price. Some of these services evaluate only the domain name and not the website even though you have a website installed on that domain name. A domain name value depends on it’s length, extension, and meaning. A meaningful domain with a lesser length and .com extension can surely reach up to millions of dollars value. As an example, was sold back in 2010 with the value of 13 million dollars. Thus, making the most expensive domain transaction back then. Want more list to the top expensive domain name? Check out

Owning a meaningless domain name but pronounceable will make you around a few hundreds to thousands dollar. Ever heard of the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. You might think the domain is worthless and a pain to pay for it’s renewal fee every year, while someone else might have waited in the “background” to snatch it anytime it is available. As in our own experience, we owned a .net domain but lucky for us that the .com extension become available this year so we bought it as soon as possible. Below is the top 3 websites we recommend you to use in order to appraise your domain name value.

Top 3 Websites To Evaluate a Domain Name

How to evaluate a domain name with estibot - Guide to domain evaluation

Estibot has been around since 2007 and people will believe any domain value valuated by this website. No registration needed for your first evaluation and there is are annoying ads around this site. Estibot provided information such as the domain keywords, language, category, competition, other extensions availability, related domains for sale, traffic rank, etc. It’s a complete report on your domain evaluation. If you need the domain name appraisal certificate, you can choose from 3 different plans they provided; Instant($1.99), Basic($49.95) and Professional($99.95). You will get a lot of extra when you opted for the Professional plan. Don’t stop here because Estibot has a lot to offer with their free tools, do check them out.

How to evaluate a domain name with - Guide to domain evaluation

This website is free to use but required registration. As a free user, they limit your valuation to 5 domain name per day and you can only evaluate one domain per session. Note that you will see your IP address displayed at the bottom of the site so you won’t be able to cheat, you can never bypass the 5 valuation limit unless if you upgrade your account. With their premium plan, you can evaluate 10 domains per day.


How to evaluate a domain name and website with siteprice - Guide to domain evaluation

Apart from being able to appraise a domain name, here you can also sell and buy websites. Things we dislike about this site is the layout that looks a bit messy compared to If the domain has been evaluated before, they will display the previous domain evaluation with an offer to recalculate the latest valuation. Information provided is website info, site and social media visibility, backlinks, estimated website traffic & revenue, top 10 competitors, etc. also doesn’t have the appraisal certificate like estibot has. What you can do to overcome this is just to grab a screenshot of the estimation made by this website.

Domain appraisal service is important to increase the value of a domain name in the eyes of buyers. Thus, increasing your domain name sales rate too.

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