Insert Ads in Posts and Pages – WP in Post Ads Review

WP in Post Ads Review: WP in Post Ads is one of the premium plugins that MyThemeShop sell. It allows user to add ads in their posts, pages and widgets easily without needing you to mess up with your themes code. Remember the time when you had to find single.php and find the right location to insert your ads? You no longer need to deal with that. You will be able to insert ads from Google Adsense,, Chitika, Adsterra, RevenueHits, etc. It can split test ads, reposition ads, count views and so much more. For a one-time fee of $39, you will be able to use WP in Post Ad on unlimited sites that you own and will be eligible for a free update for a certain time as stated on their website.

It’s a very simple and straightforward plugin that you don’t need any guide to handle it. Want to get $10 off? The link to the discounted page without the need to input any coupon code is provided below. Please also note that all plugins and themes that MyThemeShop sells only works for self-hosted WordPress( platform. Let’s dig deeper on how to use WP in Post Ads and does it actually works?

WP in Post Ads Review

WP in Post Ads Review

What you will find in the settings are 4 tabs that is “General”, “Ad Groups”, “Single Ad Defaults” and “Google Analytics”. Under the “General” tab, you will be able to hide ads for those who are logged in to your website. Second thing, you can display either on “Posts” or “Pages” or both. Some people only published their Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, and all other initial pages so they don’t need to display ads on that kind of pages. The right option is just to enable the “Posts” if you are one of these people.

How to insert ads in wordpress post pages - WP in Post Ads Review

In the “Ad Groups” tab, there is an option to display the number of ads on the same placement which is either “Show only one ad” or “Show all ads”. Then, the ads order can be sorted using it’s “Date Published”, “Priority” or “Random”. The third option is to use descending or ascending order.

How to insert ads in WordPress content articles - WP in Post Ads Review

The “Single Ad Defaults” will have a variety of options including customization of the color of the ads background and ads text color. The right color for ads background is “#ffffff” which is white. This will result in the ads to display in white background instead of colorful background. Using colorful background for our ads will decrease the CTR because people know that it is an ads instead of being part of the website contents. Under this tab lies the essential settings, such as “Ad Placement” which enable you to show ads before content, after a certain number of paragraphs, or after content. Choosing the “Before content” option will make the ads show up below the article title and above the article. Ads can also be aligned on the left, center or right on the “Alignment” settings. Width and padding of the ads can be adjusted in the field provided and it is pixel(px) format. The last two options on this tab, is “Show Ad after N days?” and “Show Ad for N days?”. “Show Ad after N days?” is where you can delay the ads to show up on a certain number of days and “Show Ad for N days?” is the ability to control the number of days you want the ads to show up.

How to insert ads in WordPress - WP in Post Ads ReviewLast tab named as “Google Analytics”, checking this check box as you see on the picture below allows you to integrate your Google Analytics with your ads so you can track clicks and views of your ads.

WP in Post Ads Settings

How to insert ads into WordPress posts or pages or widgets or pages or widgets - WP in Post Ads Review

With just 4 steps, you can show ads in your posts, pages and widget(sidebar) in minutes.

Step 1: Choose the right title that will help you remember what ads is that. For example: ads network name 300×250.

Step 2: Grab your ads code and place it on the field given.

Step 3: View the ad settings and make customization if needed. If you have made customization from the plugin “Settings” option then you can leave it as is. The changes you made on the “ad setting” will only take effect on that one ad.

Step 4: If everything seems right, hit the “Publish” button. Done!

For a limited time, you can buy this plugin at $29 instead of $39 using the link below.

WP in Post Ads Coupon Code

WP in Post Ads Coupon CodesWe can set a timer to measure the time it requires to do the settings but we didn’t because it’s not that complicated and we estimated it would only take a minute or two. Conclusion, everyone can use this WP in Post Ad plugin on their website since there’s nothing hard to set with this plugin and we just got good things to say about WP in Post Ads review.

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