Namecheap Coupon Code – Transfer Move Your Domain Day Promo Discount $3.98

Namecheap coupon code for the Move Your Domain Day which will be held ONE day only and dated on the 6th March 2018 (EST). The purpose of this event is to support the Internet Freedom day. When you see the official event page, there is some rules that applies to it. Good things is it allows you to transfer any domain name extensions for $3.98, be it a .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, .biz, .me, .co, .us and .io. But your domain is not eligible for the $3.98 offer if it was a domain that was transferred out from Namecheap before. For example, you registered your domain name at Namecheap 2 years ago and transferred it out to other registrar last year, then you won’t be eligible to transfer back to Namecheap at this special price. Secondly, this domain is limited to 25 domains and up to 5 per transaction. If you have more than 5 domains to transfer, get the 6th domains and the rest on the next transaction.
Namecheap Coupon Code - Move Your Domain Day Promo Discount $3.98

Namecheap provides free Domain Validated SSL certificate (Comodo PositiveSSL (DV) – worth $8.88), Private Email service and WHOIS protection for a year on every transfers. With Namecheap partnering with Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF, they combined forces to fight for internet freedom. The good value from this offer is you are able to help Namecheap to donate $0.50 to EPF for every domain for the first 10,000 domain transfers, donation will increase to $1 for the next 10,000 domains and $1.50 after they reach 20,000 transfers (up to maximum of 51,000 domain transfers).

If you wish to renew your domain name with them the next year, you will need to pay additional fee for both of this addon. If you made a domain transfer before, you know that sometimes this process takes more than a day. No worry as Namecheap confirmed that you will be able to locked in at the $3.98 price if you successfully complete the transaction before midnight on March 6, 2018.

Namecheap Coupon Code – Move Your Domain Day Promo Discount $3.98

Ready to start transfer your domain to Namecheap? Click on the link or image below:

Transfer Your Domain to Namecheap for $3.98 – Coupon code : MYDD2018

Move Your Domain Day - Domain Transfer at $3.98

The discount above will only be activated for one day so we urge you to bookmark the link once you click it. The Move Your Domain Day is beneficial for both you and the Internet freedom.

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