Reason to Enable Top Commentators Plugin

Reason to Enable Top Commentators PluginAs you keep writing original content, your blog should be all good but, is this enough?

A blog without comments, without dialogues or discussions, is a dead blog, despite the ton of visits it may be receiving. Remember that blogging is a two ways communication, so you should also focus not only on content but also in connecting with your readers, building that conversation amongst your blog’s readers.

As this week we’ve enabled top commentators plugin, we thought it would be nice to make a post about why you should download and install the plugin too.

You probably think the only reason is the obvious one, to increase comments, but there are a few more details that make this plugin a very necessary one.

Why you should enable top commentators plugin

Bad news first: you’ll need to spend more time monitoring your comments as no doubt your spam trash will grow faster than before.

But, we can tell you it really worth it.

For those who don’t know, the top commentator’s plugin will show –when enable- a list with the top commentators in your blog, on the widget area, with a dofollow link to the commentator’s homepage. So, knowing that you can set whatever anchor text, you don’t need to be rocket scientist to realize it’s a great opportunity.

Now, let’s go check the reasons.

Reason 1- More comments

Yes, there’s always an obvious reason that doesn’t even needs to be mentioned, and this is that one.

Your comments will increase, that’s a guarantee.

Reason 2 – More reputation

Despite what people says, that quality ALWAYS overcomes quantity, sometimes it doesn’t work this way, and with comments it doesn’t.

Just like your Twitter followers counter, the more you have, the best impression you will cause. It will make you look like a powerful guy / gal in your field, a known blogger, and that’s something you can’t buy, you have to get it this way.

We wrote at the beginning of this post that one of the signs of a dead blog is the lack of comments as it shows lack of communication, shows something essential is missing, so this plugin will do a great work for you, as it will motivate readers to drop comments to take advantage from the do follow link you are providing.

Reason 3 – More and a better communication with readers

You will love to interact more with your readers.

1) A better image, you will look like a blogger who cares about the image and a great blogger.

2) You will get ideas to post about, that’s one of the huge advantages of the community. Discussions take conversations from a topic to another just in a matter of minutes and that will give you a couple ideas to blog about, for sure.

Reason 4 – Free backlinks

Getting free backlinks just by having that plugin enabled sounds crazy, isn’t it? Well, actually there are bloggers posting compilations from blogs having the plugin enabled.

As you see, you will get free backlinks too! And more visits, of course.

Grab the plugin and start enjoying its benefits as you also help other fellow bloggers.

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