Reasons To Divide Your Posts

Blogging Tutorial - Reasons to divide your postsOne of our most wanted features when it comes to posting is to divide posts. Dividing a topic on to a number of parts / series can give you more advantages than you probably think.

Although you shouldn’t abuse from this, you should do it when you feel it’s necessary, as the topic may lose its interest if you divide it into quite a lot parts and take more than 3-4 days to the public each part.

So, what are the benefits of dividing your posts?

You can focus on details.

When it comes to writing about a long topic, doing it within one single post may force you to avoid touching some details that may look interesting to your readers. Or worse yet, you may talk very poorly about a detail that some readers can consider as very important, losing interest on the topic.

Dividing the topic will give you the possibility get into details and give your opinion about it, without posting a long post.

Avoiding long posts.

Guess what? Humans are lazy. You can lose some visitors if they click on a post and start scrolling down the page and realize that the post never ends.

Dividing your posts will satisfy both lazy and no- so- lazy- but- still – lazy people.

It will also give them the option of making a “quick read” before getting on it.

Anyway, you should avoid posting articles that contain less than 100 words, it can hurt you from the readers and SEO viewpoint. It’s simple. Don’t post too long. Don’t post too short. Easy, isn’t it? 🙂

Writing better posts.

As you write, your mind starts to get tired and tired. The more time you spend writing, the more probabilities you have to post nonsense. Although this is not valid for some bloggers, it may be for others.

Dividing your posts will make your post with a fresh brain each time you post about the topic, so it will provide fresh content to readers every time they come to read your blog. And you’ll probably make less mistakes, even if they’re easily avoidable by using software that checks your text.

Makes readers come back.

If the content is good and unique, readers will want to come back again to your blog. And that’s something you must take care of. You can read the loyal readers post to know about them.

Visitors are always looking for good content, give them what they want, and they’ll reward you coming back to your blog.

And remember, always quality and unique content. Take your time to write your posts. The time worth it.

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