Should You Write Your Own eBook?

Should You Write Your Own eBook?These days, you will hardly find a blog which isn’t offering an ebook to its readers.

In fact, I was wondering if too many bloggers are writing an ebook just because other bloggers are doing it, just looking to make money without focusing on the main point: giving value to a helpful content.

That led me to the blog post title: Do you really need to write an ebook?

It’s always interesting to write an ebook, especially when writing about something we like.

But there are bloggers who reach a point where they just write an ebook because they recently saw that a problogger released one, so if a professional blogger succeeds writing a pdf, why wouldn’t I?

The fact is that there are pros and cons about launching an ebook. I’ve my personal thought about it, will say it at the end of the post, but for those who don’t know whether they should release an ebook or not.

Should you really write an ebook?
Yes, you should

– You could make money selling your ebook, especially if you’re known within your niche.

If you’re not an authority, you can still do it. Stay tuned for some tips to increase sales.

– Writing an ebook, the fact that you can say “I’m an author”, will always increase your popularity. Although these days, with over 70% of blogs with its own ebook, will be harder than before, when having an ebook was something original and exclusive.

But still will give you a plus.

– Subscription: From my point of view, it’s the main reason to release an ebook. Who doesn’t love to get things for free, “it’s free, there’s nothing to lose for trying it out”.

Using Aweber to deliver your ebook will increase your subscription number.

– Email list: So, when using Aweber, in order to download the ebook, the visitor will need to enter its name and the email, so there you go, your email list will get quite a few more ID’s.

As we always say, if you want to make a living blogging, build an email list.

– More exposure: If you release your ebook as an affiliate product, rewarding other bloggers for promoting it, not only will get you more money, but also more exposure, because your product will be advertised for free, reaching more readers.

– Increasing pageviews and visits: Adding links from your ebook to your blog will definitely increase your pageviews and unique visitors. If you’re releasing your ebook for free, linking its content to some of your blog posts is a must, really, as you will want to get something out of your work.

No, you shouldn’t

– You shouldn’t do it if you don’t really have something new to share. You won’t get anything back for your work, plus you will lose reputation. Don’t think that because you’re giving it away for free, you can include useless content. It’s not the way it works.

– Does really a 25 pages ebook is worth to be sold? I’ve seen 15-20 pages ebook waiting to be sold at $30+. More than one dollar per page… You better have some gold inside!

– If you won’t share something new, then why bother writing an ebook? Everything will be inside your blog. You may look repetitive.

– You will be distracted from the real and most important blogger task: creating useful and valuable content for your readers.

To sum up, my tip would be to write an ebook if and only if:

– You have a strategy set to market your ebook

– You have something to offer, something to share that worth your reader’s time

– You have the time to do it without risking the quality of your posts content

– You know the topic you’re talking about and you know what you’re doing. Especially when selling something, it’s people’s money what we’re talking about here.

If you meet those requirements, then proceed and write your ebook, you will succeed. If not, then wait for the perfect time to do it, build your brand first, your ebook comes later.

What’s your opinion about it?

We’d like to hear from you and your experiences are releasing your ebooks. Did you succeed? Would you advise to your fellow blogger to write an ebook straight away?

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