Simple Ways To Capture Reader’s Attention

Simple Ways To Capture Readers AttentionSimple Ways To Capture Readers AttentionOne of the various skills you need to be a decent blogger is to know how to catch your reader’s attention.

It’s a skill you learn with experience, testing what works what doesn’t, but we’ve got some tips to share with you to make it easier than it is.

We said to make it easier than it really is because it’s harder than you may think, especially nowadays, where to catch someone’s attention you must do either something crazy or really weird.

A professional blogger needs to have writing skills, a bit of design / coding skills, originality… You need to have a whole bunch of skills. Today we’re talking about one of those skills: Marketing.

Marketing allows us to convert something normal on something great and a must-see. That’s what we need to do with each and every of our blog’s parts, so

How to catch our reader’s attention
We can use several ways / strategies to do it:


Titles are the way to go. It’s what the reader sees first, giving the first impression about what is something about.

In case you don’t know, a first impression is what will make the reader leave your site or oppositely convert onto a loyal reader.

Titles suggestions

– Be mysterious: Let’s say you make a blog post about something you found interesting. The way to get your reader’s attention is to leave some doubt and mysterious on the title that will make the reader wonders about what will or can happen.

One of the best human aspects you should learn to exploit is the curiosity.

– Be persuasive: Or different said, be direct. You want a reader to click on a link, just tell to do it. A simple “click here” will do it, don’t need to describe what he/she will find if clicks on the link.

There’s a bit of mysterious factor here too. You need it to get the reader clicking on the link.

– Surprise: We used it when starting and worked just great. We are talking about a post we made four months ago which was titled: “Click here if you want to instantly earn $100!”

The post ended having more than 1,000 views, according to Google Analytics.

If you enter a blog about how to make money blogging and you suddenly see a post about earning instant cash, wouldn’t you click it? We would.

The idea is to surprise the reader with a title nobody would imagine.

– How I…: Typical post that will get a high exposure, because the “How to” words on the title makes the reader thinks it will be a useful and instructive post, so it will get more attention.

Enough talked about titles. Remember that titles are the first thing a visitor will see.


A great way to capture reader’s attention is by posting some photos with famous bloggers on your niche from blogging events or celebrities. It’s a way to catch your reader’s attention, showing something nobody else has.


The design can be tricked to be eye-catching on particular sections. As an example, if you want to highlight your content, you could play with colors so that you end with a dark background and a clear color on the content background, this will immediately catch reader’s attention.

We REALLY recommend this list of colors, and it’s psychological effects.

But definitely, the best way to be persuasive and get the attention from your audience is to consistently write good and useful content.

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