Tips To Become a Freelance Translator

Make Money Online - Freelance Translator - Bloggingtutorial.netYou are lucky if you know more than one language because you can make money online from translation jobs. Being a freelance translator is not hard, you don’t need to have diploma or degree to get started. Though, you must have determination and willingness to sacrifice your time. Here’s are a few tips to become a translator:

Tips To Become a Freelance Translator


You must know how to write, read and speak in more than two languages. In other words, you must be fluent in those languages so that you know how to use the proper words and know the meaning of that word. In all languages, there must be one word that has more than one meaning so you need to dig which one is the right word for your sentence. No matter how good you are, you always need a dictionary.

Time and deadline

What matters most in this translation field is adherence to the deadline given by your client. They don’t want those drama where you skip the deadline and making excuses. If you are unable to meet the deadline, tell your clients if they can prolong or extend the deadline. By not completing your translation job on time will make you lose clients. That is why you need to get the job done no matter what you are planning to do for that day. Some translator also sacrifice their sleep time. Feeling sleepy? Go grab a coffee and wake that brain. Keep this in mind the faster you get it done, the faster you will get to sleep. 🙂


Focus on your task and you will get your task done faster. You only need to open your file(s) and have a dictionary with you. No Facebook, Youtube or any kind of distraction needed. Get the thing that most important done first.

Instructions and Sources

Clients will usually provide instruction and some source file for your guidance. This is very important to read BEFORE you start doing your job. Otherwise, you will end up doing the same task twice. You will need to open those files and have a read, get back to your client if you need more explanation. It’s never wrong to ask and it also helps to reduce error in your translating jobs. Take extra precautions with protected terms, it means you don’t need to translate those terms AKA leave it as is.

Human translation only

The reason why your client hired you is to get human translation so don’t ever dissappoint them by providing machine translations. They can do this on their own if they want. You need to be dedicated and give your best translations. Machine translation is the one provided by Google Translate and similar type of website.

Translation softwares

A starter wouldn’t know that there is translation softwares available due to lack of experience in translation field. It is known as CAT Tools. So, we are telling you that it actually exist but it’s costly. The main purpose of these softwares is to make your work easier and done faster. For example, some software will automatically translate similar sentence so you don’t  have to retype the same thing. Even a minute matters if you are approaching your deadline. Now, the price is going to be $500 and above for a single license and depending on which software you are interested with. Try to join a Group Buy and you might be able to grab one at $300 or less.

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