Tips To Write Social Media Copies and Captions

Tips To Write Social Media Copies and Captions - BloggingTutorialThousands of interesting and entertaining images and videos are scoring big time on the internet daily. But good copies and captions are what really captures the attention and tickles and curiosity of the web users. Words are usually the frontliner or the colorful topping that makes any social media post extra appealing.

You want to win the world wide web? Kill for it. Well, not the gory criminal manner though. Just through your awesome wit and skills.

Tips To Write Social Media Copies and Captions

Win the internet with total wit and word power through these killer copy and caption writing strategies.

Know What You are Writing About
Research is a vital part of writing. You will definitely have a hard time writing something you are not really familiar about. In any case, reading and writing are partners in crime. For you to write better, regardless what kind and how long of a write up that is, research is indeed a must!

Utilize Action Words
Verbs or what we all know as “action words” have great significance when writing a copy, especially a short but enticing caption. These words are necessary for the “call to action” impression. They are important to make the target market feel the sense of urgency and convince them to avail of your product or service.

Use Simple Terms
Whether you’re writing a short photo caption or a 1000-word article, always use familiar words. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your readers — simpler manner to get the message across for you and easier way to understand for your target audience. Simple is always better.

Vary Sentences Lengths
Some sentences are better off short, some sentences needs to go a little long and complex for further explanation. There are times when, a single word can also be considered a sentence. It depends upon what’s necessary. Just make sure your readers won’t have a hard time grasping your idea with a very lengthy statement.

Make Your Statements Straight and Strong
Don’t go around the bush and make your readers feel uncomfortable reading your copy. Go straight to the point. Don’t make them feel like solving a puzzle or a Sherlock mystery. The shorter and straighter the statement, the stronger its impact will be.

Start Solid
Make your introductions and first few words remarkable. The beginning is always the make or break part for any copy there is. So make sure it would outright catch the attention of the readers and make them want to continue on reading until the last period. The secret: keep it simple yet interesting.

Speak the Language
There are a lot of fields and topics that have their own technical terms which are somehow familiar to the public. Use these terminologies to give the readers a feel of the subject matter.

Moreover, speaking the language of a certain field will make you sound credible. It can give the impression that you know what you are talking about and you can own up yo what you’re saying.

Aim for the Curious Cat
Set the tone and the aura of your copy not just for your target audience, but for other curious web users as well. Curiosity is the best advantage for any writer. Once you are able to capture it, it’s safe to say you’ll get a stronghold of the reader until the end.

Establish Proofreading as Part of Your Writing Regimen
Always keep in mind that proofreading is part of the whole writing process. It’s not a choice whether to check your copy after writing or not. It’s all simple — if you did not reread and edit your write up, then you’re not yet actually done with the whole thing. Make proofreading a part of your writing habit, and you’ll learn more to writing than what you already know.

Writing a copy is not like playing Word Factory in which you can just throw every word that comes to sight and mind. It’s a whole process of knitting words together in the most crafty and intelligent way possible. Basically, like plotting for the crime of the century, your killer ways to write winning social media copies and caption is your best weapon. So go and write the most impressive social media copies and captions.

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