Top 12 Plagiarism Checker Online

Top 12 Plagiarism Checker OnlineChecking for plagiarism using both offline and online plagiarism checker is an essential step when you are blogging to create unique articles for your website or blog. Checking for any duplicated contents of articles that are written by someone else is worth the time as most unreliable writer would simply copy and paste contents from either one or multiple sources. This method does apply in a college and universities as well when a student was given an assignment to write reports on something. Plagiarism is never a good thing since we used other people hard work and Google hates duplicated contents. Google tends to remove duplicated sites from their search engine because it does not add value to their users. It’s common sense, why would you list someone website on any of your property when you got a hundred of same websites talking exactly the same thing? It does not have any value in Google eyes. Other consequences might result in your Google Adsense account getting banned if you place their ads code on a website that contains plagiarism articles. Enough said, it’s a bad thing, so we’ve compiled top 12 plagiarism checking services online.

1. Grammarly
Another very convenient web service to check plagiarism, you don’t need to download, and software as everything is done on their website. Grammarly is very easy to use and has a sufficient number of additional extension tools that are enough to write an entire book if you upgrade it to the premium version. The price is really reasonable for an All-in-one writing tools that check for both Grammar and plagiarism. The Grammarly charges monthly fee of $29.95, $59.95 /quarterly and $139.95 /yearly. They sometimes make a special yearly offer on the yearly subscription, but it’s for a limited time only. As of now, there isn’t any offer available for them. Their support is very good too. Grammarly deserves five stars rating for their services.
2. Copyscape
Excellent service to check for uniqueness as a Russian-language content, as well as the English version. The disadvantage is that you need to enter the URL of the site that is already being tested must be laid out text. On the other hand, the purchase site can determine whether the following site is a clone of another one, or a unique resource. In the free version, you can use the search only a limited number of times (10 times). The extended version has access to additional features for the detection of duplicate content, site clones and anti-plagiarism. is by far, the cheapest solution for anti-plagiarism web-based software. You can buy their cheapest credit at $5 that is going to be valid for a year. Though, you can only check 2000 words article or contents.
3. Turnitin
The is service provided by Turnitin is that plagiarism checker (detector) that you can rely on and most suitable for students and teachers. It has a community of more than 25 million users worldwide and seven years of experience in this field. The Turnitin serves the nearly half world, exactly 135 countries and support of 18 languages, including: Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Korean, French, Romanian, Swedish and Portugues. It supports Smarter Grading on iPad both online and offline. If you are interested, get a quote on their website.
4. iThenticate
iThenticate is also service that provided by, so there are little differences between iThenticate and Turnitin, both are very comfortable and giving the nearly same results. iThenticate has its own database that contains over 33 million articles, books, and journals to check them all. First, you need to buy register for free and buy some credits to use it. What’s more important is that iThenticate does not keep or share your uploaded file(s) anywhere so your privacy is truly protected.
5. PlagTracker
The as they said “The Most Accurate Plagiarism Checking Service”. It has been featured on multiple famous sites such as Yahoo News, Startup, PC World, CNet, MakeUseOf, etc. Other than English, they also support German, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian languages. The premium subscription cost $7.49 per month with the usage of a coupon code: MINUS50. Basically, the premium version has the Grammar checker, instant PDF report, database check and access to API(you can integrate it with supported software).
6. is a free web-based plagiarism checker online. You can use it right away without any registration needed. Fortunately, it supports article, essay and website URL checking. There’re two ways to check your contents, either by uploading your file or just by copy and pasting it there. Answer the anti-spam question and click the “detect” button. The website URL checking does take a few minutes depending on the size of your website(contents on it) and Internet connection. took lesser time when it comes to checking contents via website URL.
7. Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker by smallseotools is also very helpful for short articles with a maximum of 1500 words length. The service is online based, so no download needed to use it fully. The only limitation is you can only run 20 searches a day. This limitation can be overcome by visiting the site fro your browser in incognito mode, they won’t be able to detect that you have reached the 20 search per day limit.
8. PaperRater
Paper Rater has three tools to offer: Grammar Checking, Plagiarism Detection and Writing Suggestions. It is a fully free resource that is developed and maintained by linguistics professionals and graduated students. It is 100% free to use, and it lets you check for plagiarized sections in your students course works.
9. Plagiarism Check X
You can either try the free version or the paid(pro) version of the Plagiarism Checker X software. The paid version has tons of features compared to the free one, and it only cost $49.95 to upgrade which then allows you to use it for a lifetime. Paypal, Visa Card, and Wire Transfer are offered as payment options. The free version let you create 30 searches per day with a limited number of words and 14 days validity. On the other hand, the Pro version allows you to check unlimited words, cross comparison (docs), a very details HTML report, extended PDF support, URL scan, 24/7 customer support and free updates. If you are a company or a person that have 5 people writing articles for you, then the Business version which cost $199.95 is the way to go as it allows installation up to 5 users, customization, extended support, and all the pro features. Please note that Plagiarism Check X is a software that you need to download to your PC or laptop, it’s not a web-based software.
10. Viper
Viper is downloadable only for Windows OS users software that allows you to check your files from desktop PC or online web. It’s very fast process that will take about a minute for 5000 words article. The process is fast because Viper has over 10 billion resources and academic essays and much more in their database. Viper also offers marking and essay writing services to help you get a better score in school, colleges or universities. Be aware that Viper will upload your essay to their database that works like Scribd after 9 months once you’ve scanned your essays in exchange of accessing their scanner. The intention is to help other students write their essays. This is not recommended if you want more privacy, just move on with other services.
11. Plagiarisma is a free to try the web-based software and downloadable software. There’s a restriction to use it if you aren’t registered with them. The Premium plan starts at $5 for one day, $20 for three months, $35 for six months and $25 per month for shared access. The $25 per month shared access subscription enable up to 25 users access, so that means it’s $1 per person. An ideal subscription for students who work in a group or a group of writers. With that subscription, you can run a maximum of 100 searches and 2000 character for every request. Some of the features you can enjoy is article rewriter, five times faster checking, background tasks, fuzzy logic search, mosaic plagiarism detection, a comparison between two files, unlimited text size(premium members). It supports more than 190 languages, and they have their Android app. Other than that, they have Moodle plugin, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox extensions as well as Blackberry software. Results can be obtained with their PDF report or by email. With their refund policy of three days money back guaranteed(premium subscription), there’s no doubt that they stand behind their product.
12. Plagscan
Plagscan allows you to check for plagiarism using their real time plagiarism platform easily. They offer a trial for both private user and organizations. You got 20 plagpoints for free in the trial plan as a private user. Schools/Universities/Companies should use the organizations plan as unlimited users will be able to use Plagscan while the private users allow only one user. Plagpoints need to be purchase to use Plagscan services. Their accuracy in documents checking is reliable and accurate as many other premium plagiarism checkers online.

We hope you enjoy our writing about the top 12 plagiarism checker. For complete details, feel free to visit all these website. Leave a comment on which software you frequently use in your writing, your voice is kind of a vote. It might help other readers determine the best duplicate checker software that they really need.

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