Website Survey to Discover Topics Readers Like

Are you interested to do a survey of your readers in order to know that what type of topics they like? Well, we hope that every blog owner will love to do such experiments which will help them to write targeted and reader choice topics.
We have followed the same process on our blogs and the conclusion was that it works pretty. This survey was done before 3 weeks, in which we asked different questions for our readers. The first question which we asked our readers was that’s “how many posts we should publish a week?”. The first answer of one of our readers was “that we should post once a week”. Apart from this feedback, we got very overwhelming emails reply and feedbacks. We check every feedback and the majority of the readers feedbacks were “that we should write three posts a week” which made us very happy that how people love our posts, we really feel proud of ourselves.

Top Questions Which You Must Ask From Readers In the Survery?

1. How Much Time You Visit Our Blog?

Visit to my blog

This is a very important question to be asked, because it will ensure you that readers are getting attracted to your blog or are bouncing away from your blog.

2. What Topics Are Your Favorite?

Favorite Topics

If you are an author then it’s your duty to know about the interest of your reader. Because if your readers “Making Money Online” topics and you are providing them game topics then its sound quite different.
Same strategy also happens to us. At the beginning we also posted not targeted posts, but after doing survey we start writing about readers’ interest posts and the topic was “blogging” rather than the “SEO”.

3. Do You Have Any Problem Regards Us?

Life is full of problems, everyday we face many problems and make a lot of mistakes. Same as in blogging world most of the authors make mistakes while writing a post which can become a big problem for readers. For example, “we hire an author, who was writing different posts for about blogging, but his writing tactics were not as good as much we expect. He was doing always making grammatical mistakes in every post which was losing our readers’ interest, about which we got a lot of complains”. This might also happen to you, to get rid of such problems, ask a question from readers about problems. This will establish a trust in the reader’s mind and they will think that you are the one who care about them.

4. Are you Interested In Our Premium Products?

A blog can not stand strongly until it is not funded with huge financial amounts. For such criteria selling your premium products (e.g: ebooks) become necessary.
But what will be the reactions of readers to your product?
Only survey can help you to grab the feedbacks of the readers about your newly innovative products.

How To Arrange A Reader Survey?

Arranging a survey for readers is much easier, especially if your blog is based on WordPress hosting. Because they have many plugins for survey purposes. You can find those plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

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