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Window Blocker Software Review

In our previous article, we talked about time management and how Pomodoro technique can help you achieve that. We decided to give the Window Blocker software a try, it’s a product by CleverGizmos and¬†is price at $27 for one PC license while the $37 allows you to install it on 10 PCs. So, we are going to try to explain how this software works and how it can help you in your daily life. Please note that this is an honest review with no affiliate link and we are not getting sponsored to do this. We believe this software has a great value that our readers can benefit from. The bad news is, this software only runs on a desktop(PCs and laptop) but not MAC products.

Window Blocker Software Features

We are currently using version 4.244 which has 8 useful features that can be easily configured. We are going to look into each and every one of these features below.

Write of Suffer

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Write of Suffer Software
This is a timer that has the ability to detect if you are not typing within a certain amount of time. Let’s say you set it to 5 seconds, it will play an annoying sound(it sounds like a school bell) if you are not typing within 5 seconds. But 5 seconds seems too short, we like to extend the timer to 60 seconds or 1 minute. This feature does help when you are planning to do some writing task. Maybe you plan to write a blog, an essay, etc. When it reaches the time, it will keep on ringing until you start typing again. This will keep those fingers to keep on typing. While writing this article, we used this feature too.


Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Timers Settings Stopwatch Countdown Intervals Timers
The timers do the same thing like any other timers. It has 3 versions; stopwatch, countdown, and intervals. This will be a great advantage for those who like multi tasking such as writing and doing house chores. We came up with an idea that will make sense to you. If you are like us, we sit in front of our computer the whole day. Most of the time we forgot to hydrate ourself and we didn’t drink enough water for the day, we set the countdown timer to 15 minutes, that means we are going to drink water for every 15 minutes. Intervals are also good since it will automatically refresh the timer when it reaches 15 min, unlike the Countdown timer. Dehydrated? No more! Problem solved. How fantastic it is to be productive and healthy at the same time. ūüôā

World Clocks

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - World Clock Options
We love this clocks as it comes with a world clock so you can see the time in different countries. Note that we said “countries” as it can display up to 4 different world clock in one place. We know you can always Google for the time in a certain country but why bother when you can have it in this all in one software. In the setting, you can choose your state and it will display time for that state. You won’t find a country name but only state name there.

Alarm Clock

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Alarm Clock Settings
You can throw away your alarm clock, replace it with this instead. It has an alarm clock feature that when you set it, it will tell you how many hours left before the alarm clock rings. You can setup up to 4 alarm clock at the same time.

Cuckoo Time

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Cuckoo Clock Nostalgic Clock
The Cuckoo time comes with interesting 4 sounds for you to choose from; cuckoo bird, say the time, chimes and birds tweeting. You can configure the time from one minute to one hour so it will play the chosen time every time it hits the time. There’s also a visual notification pop up which you can turn off if you find that to be annoying. Anyway, we love the “say the time” amongst all sounds.

Birthday Clock

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Birthday Clock Option
The last one under the Timer feature is the Birthday clock. We don’t see this feature every day so we kind of feel like it’s unique. When it is set up, you will see your current age and what your age will be in 10 years from now. When you hover on the year, it leads you to Wikipedia of that year. This feature is actually playing with our emotion, you will be grateful that you are still alive and you are going to value your time more as you see you are getting old every second. We all know that we are getting older but when you see it visually, you will get a different feeling.

Startup Locations

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Startup Locations Settings
Some software¬†is opened at the same location that it was closed at but some didn’t. The Startup Locations help you remember the placement or location that the software was closed at. It gives the coordinates of the location too. Most of us don’t really need this but actually, this is a good feature because it will help you to organize the software location one time than to repeatedly place that software on the location of your desktop that you wanted.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Keyboard Shortcuts
Very useful settings to set up a shortcut for your favorite software. It also auto-detects the software you currently using so that you don’t need to find it again. This will detect all software excluding this Window Blocker software. This feature helps you to create multiple shortcuts with notes(to remind you what it’s for) for each software and you can have as many software as you want on this tab. Example: For notepad, you might have three shortcuts and maybe for Photoshop you have 5 shortcuts. Some people use a software to do this, now you can have it in this software.

Punch Clock

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Punch Clock
We are sure you already get an idea when you see a punch clock feature. It’s reminding you of your work place or school. Yes it is, it works the same way as your ordinary punch clock. You open this software and punch in to see how long have you been using the PC and determine if you have used your time wisely. The Punch clock alert will be displayed or pop up within the time you have chosen, it can also be turned off.

Window Manager

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Window Manager Options Setting
Window manager must be the first thing that we like about this software but we listed it as the 8th because it is the 8th tab. Let’s say you are working on your essay, you open a project and during the time you must open a website(for research) and word document. Right? ¬†Window Manager enables you to create a project with default folders, websites, and software that you set to be the default and the next time you open the project, it will bring everything up so no more doing it manually. The three steps below explain in short of the process.

1. Create a project and desktop name.

2. For the folder options, you can use the snap features so that the software will capture all folders that you currently open and list it under the settings. Otherwise, you can do it manually by copy and paste the address of the folders that you want. For the website options, you open your browser and go to the website that you want to use. Drag the address of the website to this software to add it. For the apps(it means software) option, this is easier when you have the shortcuts on your desktop that you can drag to this software. If not, then you need to manually find the software and drag it to the apps box of this software.

3. The next time you want to work on that same project, just click on the project sub child(or the desktop section) and it will open all the related folders, apps and website.

Focus Session

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Focus Sessions Pomodoro Technique
Focus Session is where Pomodoro technique lies with some other extras. We like the sounds options; waves, storm and fan. This helps you to focus more as the surrounding become calms, the sound is adjustable. Back to the Pomodoro timer, choose from 1 minute to maximum 25 minutes. Below it is a list of currently operating apps, website and folder. By default, the software blacklisted Facebook, Reddit and Youtube. If you opened any three of these websites, the name of it will turn red(as you can see in the picture above) indicating it is a blocked website and you will not be able to proceed unless you close it. While you are in this focus session mode, you won’t be able to open all the blocked websites and software. Be a good girl or boy by waiting for the 5 minute rest time then you will get to open those in a few minutes. As a human being, it’s normal to be distracted by other things so what we need is actually something strict to not allow us to do that. The feeling is like having a teacher watching right over your back as you do your homework. It’s a good thing as you get to finish what needs to be done first then do something else for your spare time without worrying about that homework that are still waiting for you.


Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Typical Calender Linear Calender
Under the Calender option, there are two types of them that are typical calender and linear calender. The typical calender displays 12 months of calender while the linear calender displays a monthly calender but in vertical style.

Search Window Manager

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - Search Window Manager
This option simplify your search task of anything that you associate with this software. Example: we can search for Keyword Research Pro from here by typing several characters of it’s name since we have the Keyword Research Pro associated¬†with the blogging project. Pretty convenient.

Buy Window Blocker Software?
We are going to explain what you will get with your purchase before you jump in.

eBook – “Time Management Skills” ebook are given for free, you can read this ebook on almost every device. Just like you did with any other PDF files.

Updates – You will receive all updates for free. Be it major or minor update. So, it’s a one-time investment only. Transfer of a license to a different PC is also allowed.

Refund policy – If you buy from the usual salespage, you will get 30 days money back guarantee. Sometimes the seller creates an offer exclusive for his buyer only, with a secret link provided and during this time the refund policy might decrease.

How-to videos – If you noticed, every tab on this software has a link to the how-to videos to guide you to use it. The seller has covered everything you need to get started immediately. We really enjoy how calming and easy to understand all of his videos. Even if you are not a native English speaker, you will understand every word that he said.

Window Blocker Software Review - Time Management Software - How-to Videos Guide Support

Support – The other day, we reached to him via his support form on his site, he responded within 24 hours. That’s the criteria of a developer who cares for his customers. You are to try to check out if he has a good support of course.

Click here to buy Window Blocker

Window Blocker Software Review Conclusion

We highly recommend this software as it is very helpful for us to beat the lazy version of ourselves. Furthermore, it comes from a trusted developer that has provided free updates for all of its software. The keyword Researcher Pro is one of his software and we own it for more than 2 years now, we receive free updates to every version up until now. How did he manage to do this? He coded all his software himself. Don’t like the software? You can suggest features that you would like to be in this software to the seller or you can ask for a refund if you don’t like it.. but really? We bet you are going to fall in love with it like the first time you watch Titanic movie. Please watch the demo video to see visually how it works to make things clearer. So, try Window Blocker software and watch how you become more productive and beat procrastination.

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