WordPress as Publishing Platform

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WordPress as most of you will already know is a PHP MySQL AJAX publishing platform under GPLv2 that is ahead of others. According to WordPress official website, 28% of the web uses their platform and of course the number is increasing daily.

How will you publish and how will it work to improve your business.

WordPress as Publishing Platform

Do you write articles or do you write blog posts?

Publish or perish, that is an old saying,
Getting your writing into gear often involves more than a blank piece of paper.

CMS, or Content Management, System, is what WordPress started out as several years ago, in fact we was using WordPress when WordPress was not cool. Over the years there have been many innovations added to WordPress in fact there are a lot of really interesting things that WordPress 4.8 can do today that many people are not even aware exist.

One of the most over looked features is custom menus, which can now merge many different types of content making it much easier to use and generate unique blends of content.

Publishing in the Web 2.5 world, well in case you have not noticed, the web 2.0 was an amazing success even if most people cannot agree on what that means, some say web2.0 was a look created by rounded graphics, and cool looking websites, other say that it was social networking, still others say it was all about programming that enabled all of the above.

One thing remains clear we are poised on the edge of the web 3.0 and what it is and what it will become is certainly going to be discussed and talked about over the next few months.

Publishing is what the web has always been about.

Publish or perish you may have heard that before and it is true, you either publish or you perish as a website and that is just the facts.

You cannot expect to gain readers over time using the same old content you have to increase your content in order to gain more visitors.

Word press is uniquely suited for that task, and it is even better at it now. Keeping up to date and publishing that content is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your website.

So remember to publish and update your content, or you can expect your website to perish.

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