WP Twin Error Codes – Fixed!

We have fixed the WP Twin error codesYour host does not allow the use of the system() and exec() functions. The script cannot continue.“. WP Twin is an easy to use WordPress backup script that does a similar thing like BackupBuddy. Though, WP Twin has it’s own limit which is not able to do scheduled backup. WP Twin is a premium plugin, but it cost just a one-time fee/payment. Some people has been complaining about the WP Twin error codes when they tried to use it and so far there is not any solution can be found anywhere. We dealt with the same error too, but we were told the solution to that problem is by doing some settings. Based on a forum discussion related to this WP Twin error codes, we found out some hosting providers does provide the ability to edit php.ini file. If that didn’t apply to you, contacting your hosting provider support team will be the best option.

WP Twin Error Codes Solution

WP Twin Error Codes - Fixed

In order to get started, you need to login to your cPanel. If you forget the URL of your cPanel, just go to your email address where your account registered to that hosting account. For example: the login email address that you use to login to Hostgator, Namecheap, Godaddy, etc. You will receive an email containing your cPanel information from your hosting provider so everything can be tracked from there.

Go to your “File Manager” and check out your domain name directory. Once you are in, find “php.ini” file. The file doesn’t exist? No problem! Just create your own “php.ini” or download from these links(use the one provided by your hosting provider):

Namecheap php.ini File

Hostgator php.ini File

Bluehost php.ini File

Before using any of the php.ini file, check what cPanel PHP version are you running. Usually, most hosting provider will display versions 5.2 to 5.6. This “php.ini” file should be placed in your main directory of your domain name. If your domain is example.com, please that file inside your example.com file directory. Now, let’s edit the “php.ini” file using either the “Code Editor” or “Edit” feature that can be found on almost all cPanel. Here we will use a shortcut to find the text “disable_functions =” (without quotes). Depending on your hosting provider, the settings might be different than shown below. Here it is by default set to :

disable_functions = “show_source, system, shell_exec, exec“.
WP Twin Error Free - Solution

Please remove system and exec word from that string or delete everything after the “=” (equal to) sign if you want but to fix the WP error, you just need to remove system and exec. Save the settings right away. Here is the part that are going to excites you whether this guide given will really solve it. Let’s test it out by going to : http://yourdomain.com/wptwin.php.

In most cases, our guide will surely solve the error and you should get a page like the screenshot below.

WP Twin Review

We were excited when we finally were able to fix WP Twin error codes and we would like to thank Namecheap support team for helping us. Namecheap has been great in everything and we would 100% recommend them to you. Interested to try WP Twin? Just click on the banner below. Please leave a comment if this WP Twin Error Codes solution works on your end.

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